How do you get offered a job working in the recruitment industry?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself, prior to applying for a recruitment job. Your answer should be YES to all these questions, to ensure you have the best chance of getting an interview request, but more importantly being offered a job in recruitment.

CV submission

Is your CV the best it can be?

Have you given a compelling reason to the company to consider or interview you? How pro-active have you been in getting their attention?

Have you called the company to discuss your abilities and why you want to work for them specifically?

Has your CV been sent to the decision maker?

Have you followed up your CV submission with a phone call or email to confirm receipt and next steps? Offered an interview

Have you left plenty of time to get to the interview? Arrive no later or earlier than 10 minutes prior to the agreed interview start time.

Have you thoroughly researched the company?

Could you sell the services the company provides to one of their customers?

Do you know who is interviewing you and something interesting about them that you have in common? Type in the interviewer name on the internet and see what you can find!

Have you read the job specification and have you highlighted all the skills and experiences you have that would fit well to this new job?

Have you got all documentary evidence to support your application? Such as pay slips, commission forms, letters of recommendation, certificates, etc.

All for now. I hope this has been insightful. Good luck.


Bill is a joint Managing Director of Project Resource Limited, a high growth recruitment business. Bill focuses on business efficiency, business promotion, improving business and team performance, business growth, competitive edge, talent management and acquisition and instilling Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).


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