The Power of Visualization

Every great book on philosophy, every great leader, when you study the wise ones, all understand one thing: We become what we think about most of the time. No matter where you are in life, you can change your entire world by visualizing the results you want in your mind before you ever actually experience them.

All performance begins in the mind, and the mental aspects of performance are just as important as the physical ones. To improve our performance, it has to be embedded into our subconscious mind. It must become a part of who we are as a person mentally before it can emerge into our physical reality.

Visualization directs your thinking and guides your performance. This is because you get mental references of success before they ever happen. It is a mental dress rehearsal that taps into the potential of the mind. Your mind cannot tell the difference between something you have imagined and something that is real. Researchers have proven this by actually hooking electrodes to Olympic athletes. They have determined that the same impulses are activated by visualizing their routines as when they were physically performing it.

The top sales professionals will practice their presentation and close over and over again. They will record their program, listen to it, watch it and do role playing with others. But that's only the beginning for those who perform at "The Highest Level."

The superstars do much of their practicing mentally. They visualize their perfect performance over and over in their mind. This gives them a tremendous edge when they are actually performing.

To perform at "The Next Level," you must rehearse the results you desire mentally in your mind. If you do this enough, it will become a natural and normal part of your life. This is when "Selling at the Next Level" really gets fun. If you are dealing with a customer and they tell you "no," you just look at them and smile because you know you are one step closer to closing the sale.

So imagine your life at "The Next Level." Imagine a world where you are using your full mental and emotional potential. You can go anywhere, do anything and achieve anything you can possibly imagine.


Billy Cox is Inspiring a NEW GENERATION OF ACHIEVERS  to Dream Big, Take action and get Results. People worldwide who hear him speak or use his books and audios are inspired to "raise their bar", take control of their futures, and achieve new levels of performance and results. A "no limits" person who knows how to win, Billy is a master salesman, a compelling motivator, an energetic leader, and is recognized by his peers as a leading authority on the undeniable power of human potential.

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