Social Media Marketing And Social Network Sites

When people start to talk about social media marketing all people think about Facebook as this is the largest social network site available on the Internet. Social network sites have become very popular in the past years and are actually used to stay in touch with friends and search for new ones.

After the big hype of Facebook, business pages became available were people could promote their business or products they offer to sell. This has changed social network sites and has grown into something you can use as a marketing tool to sell your products or services.

Today not many people are aware of this and still think that social network sites are used to keep in touch with friends which is actually not true.

Nowadays Facebook, Twitter and the upcoming Google+ are used by major companies to promote their businesses and keep in touch with clients and customers. You may ask yourself why social media marketing has become so popular? There are various reasons but one important one is that audience can be targeted by country, city, age and a very important one is "interests" this makes it a very powerful online marketing tool.

Another reason is that Facebook for example offers great applications which can be used to create contests, custom HTML pages to promote your brand, Polls and many other functions you can add to your page.

A social media marketing campaign is normally created through a personal page which promotes the business page. The personal page needs to attract the correct target group and to make a campaign successful friends should be chosen carefully and only added if they belong to your target group otherwise deleted and not accepted.

This will create you a nice network of people, which have certain interests and after you have created a large number of them you can start to promote your business page to them in combination with advertisement on social network website itself.

To start a campaign on Facebook for example, will take some time and investment. Good planning and professional strategy is important and should only be done by people who are experienced in this field.

In overall with a good social media marketing campaign you can gain good business and increase your profits. When you choose the right company to conduct online marketing services for you and you have enough budget to spend, social media marketing campaigns will pay back every penny.


Billy Horner provides SEO in Thailand and is one of the founders of SEO-WATCH and Visual Orange Co., Ltd. a professional search engine optimization and web development company which provides web design Pattaya and  web design in Thailand.

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