Changing Careers at Midlife - Becoming a Successful Online Entrepreneur

It's tough changing careers at midlife, and I understand this from firsthand experience. There are so many things to worry about, and the sense that you're starting over can have a depressing effect. Maybe you're just really unhappy with your career path and need a change, or maybe you spent so much time building your retirement only to find out that now you have to go back to work, because the economy proved too detrimental to your family's finances. Well, today is the day you turn things around by becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

There are many things to think about when starting a new career online. Whether it's the type of business you get involved in, how to promote your business on the Internet or anything else, changing careers at midlife in cyberspace are all about knowledge. So where should you begin? Well, it has to start with your organizational skills and once you have your business in mind, you need a plan of attack.

Choosing your Business

Think about all the things you are good at or have some sort of expertise with today. Maybe it's a hobby you have grown to love or the offline business you were in before the layoffs came. Becoming a successful online entrepreneur is about being able to deliver useful and helpful information to those that are looking for it. Then of course you have to be able to educate people on why your product or service is well above the rest.

The Easy Way Out

Listen, I understand changing careers at midlife is a huge step for anyone, which is why you need to find the easiest path to becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Don't sit at your computer and plan to do everything on your own. The more help you have in the beginning, the faster you will find success in your business. This will alleviate all the trials and tribulations that most online entrepreneurs go through.

Solutions to Problems

One of the first issues you will come across is all the various ways to promote your business. Remember, when you're changing careers at midlife and take this route, you still have to learn new things. Marketing strategies will be an important piece to the puzzle and with many to choose from don't be surprised if you start feeling overwhelmed. However, the best fix for this is utilizing one tool at a time. The more you learn about one, the more effective you will be.

Over time you will feel comfortable with it, and then you can move on to the next strategy. Then again, you could get involved with a program or system that takes care of this for you. It will depend on whether or not your finances will allow this type of investment to take place.

The most important thing to understand is the sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to start becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Just don't be afraid to get the help you need upfront so you can prosper in the end.


Dr. Bob Clarke is a global internet entrepreneur whose areas of expertise include personal branding, leadership, social media, and content marketing. He has trained dozens of new and experienced entrepreneurs in how to successful build their brand, market their products online, and become leaders that others want to follow. To see more of Dr. Clarke's training and leadership blog, visit  To directly apply to become part of Dr. Clarke's entrepreneurial team, go to...

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