In front of the customer - selling face-to-face

When we eventually get an appointment we will need to make sure that we maximise our chance of getting the business.

Maximising our chances

1.Check our attitude

Make sure we are not saying "I'll bet this is going to be a waste of time". If we think that, we'll fulfil our own prophecy!

2.One opportunity to make a good first impression

Remember the importance of the 4 x 20 rule:

- The first 20 seconds.

- The first 20 words.

- The first 20 steps.

- The upper 20 cm - our face!

3.Be an active listener

The interview is not about us and what we're selling. It's about the customer and their needs. So we get the customer to talk - and we listen and take notes! Aim for the client to talk twice as much as we do.

4.Make sure we understand why they'll buy

Find out by asking! "When you come to make your decision, what would you say are the main things you'll be considering before you make your choice?"

5.Keep part of our page to note these down

We will need to know all of these buying criteria so that later in the process we can show the customer how we meet their needs.

6.Discover the most important buying criteria

"Could I just ask, of all the thinks we've spoken about, which would you say is the most important?" If we can overcome the most important hurdle we are halfway there.

7.Match our products/services to their criteria

Show how what we offer does what they need, and meets each and every one of their requirements. Do this in BENEFIT terms.

8.Get the customer to agree

This is as simple as adding phrases like "doesn't it", "haven't you" to the end of sentences.

9.Always close

If you've done our job properly, we should be able to close without pressure. "It sounds as if we've got exactly what you need. When would you like to get started?" Always move the process forward, even if we are unable to close the deal that day. "So when should we meet up again to finalise this?...Great, let's get that in the diary now"

10.Have the right mindset

If we really believe in our product or service and don't get the order, two parties miss out. We don't get the order, but the customer doesn't get the best. Be determined that they will get the best.


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