Change is a Conscious Mental Choice

by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Sometimes in life, we have pivotal points where we have the opportunity thrust upon us to make changes. A death, a major illness, a sudden storm or typhoon, or a major economic upheaval can force us to take stock of our lives at that point and make needed changes. Isn't it better to seize the opportunities to change and grow as a positive, self-directed choice? Taking control of your life and making positive changes can be both liberating and productive, too.

• Want to increase your sales or commissions?

• What needs to change to make that happen?

It is better to be someone who is open to learn, to stretch, and to push yourself past your comfort zone into the winner's zone. Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE led his company through some amazing changes for increased profitability and productivity. He said, "Change before you have to."

This change is a choice! Life is a series of changes and choices; why not control the direction and pace? Like sailing where you are making a series of changes and adjustments to take full advantage of the wind to reach your destination. Similar in equipping and motivating yourself to best serve your customers and provide them with solid choices to improve their life or business.

"Searching for the peak performer within yourself has one basic meaning: You recognize yourself as a person who was born, not as a peak performer but as a learner. With the capacity to grow, change, and reach for the highest possibilities of human nature, you regard yourself as a person in process. Not perfect, but a person who keeps asking: What more can I be? What else can I achieve that will benefit me and my company? That will contribute to my family and my community?" Charles Garfield, Peak Performers

Ask yourself a few questions and allow your honest reactions to reflect the changes in your attitudes and actions that need to be addressed to maximize your life and career.

• What do I really want to accomplish in my life? My family life? My sales career? My business? My community involvement?

• What is my biggest dream? What would be the most fantastic experience?

• What am I afraid of?

• What is stopping me?

• What do I need to change to make it work?

• When will I commit to start making these changes?

Will you have the courage to change? Will you commit to being the best you can be and all that God intended you to become? Remember the words of J.C. Penney: "No one need live a minute longer as he/she is because the creator endowed us with the ability to change ourselves." The choice is yours!

Visit: for more information on how to make change your friend. Success can be as simple as making up your mind to do something or change something and then acting on that change.

© Copyright 2006-2008 Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey


Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey is an acknowledged expert who will equip and motivate your leadership and employees to grow and win! Bob is the author of 10 business, leadership and career building books including two on sales. He is a frequent contributor and columnist for North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line trade publications on diverse topics, eg: productivity, creativity and innovation, leadership, teamwork, sales, management, training, motivation, customer service, and m...

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