The Secret of the Seed

As some of you might already know, I moved out into the country north east of Edmonton a few years ago for a more creative and casual lifestyle.

When I'm home, I frequently have coffee with my old buddy Steve (my 94 year old neighbor) and his two 'younger' farmer friends (Mike, 80 and Peter, 78 respectively). In fact I headed out this morning at 7:30AM for one. Over the past few years I've learned a lot about farming that is directly applicable to what we do in life, sales, and business. I've grown to appreciate the effort and challenges our farmers go through to help feed us. They are amazing, hardworking and productive people.

Mike and Peter rotate their crops based on their 'best guess' at what will be the best offering in the market for the coming year. They plant canola, wheat, barley, or peas, as selected, each year.

When they plant wheat in the spring, they expect to harvest wheat that fall. There is an 'expectation' that the seeds they plant will produce the crops they expect. They would be very surprised to plant canola and get barley, for example. This is the secret of the seed!

Interestingly enough, I see sales people planting seeds for failure and then expecting successful or different results in their sales, business, or life. They are surprised when things fail or don't work to their misguided expectations.

Here is the secret of the seed: You get what you plant, nurture, and harvest. Just like sales... hmmm!

• Plant the seeds of creative, personal leadership and responsibility;

• Plant the seeds of continuous encouragement, to dream and stretch;

• Plant the seeds of equipping your team with the tools and the motivation to win;

• Plant the seeds of personal discipline and long-term focus;

• Plant the seeds of repeat business and referrals with happy customers;

• Plant the seeds of co-operative innovation and competition;

• Plant the seeds of high standards and personal excellence in customer service;

• Plant the seeds of creating value-added products and superior services we (customers) actually need;

...and harvest abundance and success at the end of your labors. Visit: Have a great month, as you continue to advance your career, leadership or company.

© 2006 Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey, Creative Catalyst & Idea Farmer


Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey is an acknowledged expert who will equip and motivate your leadership and employees to grow and win! Bob is the author of 10 business, leadership and career building books including two on sales. He is a frequent contributor and columnist for North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line trade publications on diverse topics, eg: productivity, creativity and innovation, leadership, teamwork, sales, management, training, motivation, customer service, and m...

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