Increasing the Velocity of Your Selling Cycle

Velocity Selling begins with buyer relationships. People buy for emotional reasons and they buy from people they like and trust. The Velocity Selling Cycle starts with building relationships.

In the Velocity Selling System, you must first establish rapport with the client in order to build a lasting relationship. You need to know the components of the NLP rapport pie and how to build rapport in the first 30 seconds of meeting.

You must learn how to identify an individual's predominant sense and how to use that sense to your benefit, especially during the presentation phase. When these techniques are applied, you enter into the Velocity Selling Cycle.

Once rapport has been established, questions can then be asked. However, when using the Velocity Selling System, you need to know why questions are so important. It is imperative to know the type of questions that should be asked, and how to deal with questions from the prospect or client without giving free consulting. There are a series of questioning techniques available to salespeople that will enhance the selling relationship and increase the velocity of your selling cycle.

In the Velocity Selling System, asking questions is like taking the prospect through a self-discovery tunnel lined with their needs, desires and expectations. You are helping them to discover it for themselves. You are building a relationship step by step while improving your velocity selling cycle.

Step one is asking questions and step two is listening intently. There are several active listening techniques outlined in the Velocity Selling System which you should apply. The foremost question is, "Do you really want to service the buyer or are you there for your own reasons?"

In today's new economy of buyers, traditional and consultative selling methods no longer work. To increase the Velocity of your Selling Cycle you have to accept that your encounter with the buyer is not about you, your products or services. It is entirely about the buyers' needs and desires, and their budget and time frame.

Good questioning and listening techniques will help your Velocity Selling Cycle engage and empower the buyer to buy while establishing a lasting relationship for additional business, referrals and introductions.


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