Traditional Sales Training is a Waste of Time and Money!

Traditional sales training is a waste of time and money because it does not work! In many organizations, sales training is the flavour of the month, with no consistency. Sales training conducted over one, two or three days, in-house or as a public seminar, is really a waste of time and money.

Sure the motivation and a couple of sales training tips may be good for the next 30 -90 days, but if sales training techniques are not implemented within 24-48 hours of learning them, they are forgotten and the sales training becomes a waste of time and money.

Let me acknowledge that sales training can be your best return on time and bottom line results if the sales training is well organized and properly demonstrated. However, most sales training on the market today is antiquated and does not focus on the new economy of buyers, or the actual needs and learning patterns of the sales team.

Think about this. The last time you attended (sales) training; did you immediately make permanent attitude, behaviour or competency changes based on what you learned during the training?

On day three, did you remember what you learned on day one?

Thirty days later, can you recall 50% of the sales training information?

It is highly unlikely you will.

In order for sales training to be effective and grant a return on time invested (R.O.T.I.), it has to be an ongoing process with real world application and coaching re-enforcement. Although ongoing sales training results may not be immediate, there will be noticeable improvement in attitudes, behaviours, competencies and disciplines. In time the results will speak for themselves.

Why do farmers plant seeds, water them, nourish them, tend them and cultivate them without immediate rewards?

A farmer does this without immediate rewards because he knows that sooner or later his effort will multiply in the form of a bountiful harvest.

It is no different with ongoing sales training and coaching. An organization who invests in ongoing sales training will out perform those who do not, in every arena, every time.

Also, sales training cannot be stand alone. Sales training needs to be supported by sales management training. After all, sales management must demonstrate and coach the appropriate attitudes, behaviours, competencies and disciplines they want their sales people to follow. Remember, "monkey see, monkey do!"

To succeed in sales today, you must do the opposite of selling. You must learn how to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy.

Learn How to Execute the Disciplines of Attracting, Engaging and Empowering the "Buyer Focused" Velocity Selling System, to Up Your Bottom Line


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