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Since my post on using the language of your target audience I've been doing a lot of thinking about other crucial elements to consider to make your blog a success from a keyword perspective. Not only do you need to consider geographically where your readers (or your target market for business) reside; you've got to consider HOW they're getting to your blog. Here's how to determine the right keywords to use if your readers use mobile devices. Think about it this way - when you read your favorite blog, where are you? Are you on the train? In the car? On the toilet (I know, I asked...but please don't tell)? If you're in any of these locations, you're likely not using your desktop computer or even a cumbersome laptop. Our technology options today allow us to keep up with our favorite blogs and sites on devices that are easy to travel around with.

Well, research has shown that when people are using mobile devices to search for a subject, for simple convenience, their queries are more succinct. For example, if you want to find out if your dog could have fleas, on the computer you may type "signs that my dog has fleas" into Google. On your mobile device you may simply type "dog fleas". The grammar in a short query might not be correct, but nonetheless , it will render some results.

Do you see where I'm going here? The language used on your blog includes keyword considerations. Mobile browsers change these requirements. So, to use the right language to attract more of your target audience, look at not only where people are visiting your blog from, but how they're getting themselves there. Making smart keyword choices with these factors in mind can really give your blog the upper hand over the competition!

Likely, keyword requirements for blogs will continue to evolve as technology does so this may not be a technique that works forever, but for now, don't overlook it! And you wonder why I say when it comes to blogging, you can never stop learning!


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