A Social Media journey begins…

Today was my first day back at work after a long over due vacation and as usual it didn’t disappoint. My inbox had over 450 emails that required responses and I was booked for three back-to-back meetings. But the one thing that fired my up today was determining the future roadmap for our corporate Intranet. During one of my three meetings I met with the Infrastructure team and determined how we are going to implement our very own instance of Facebook onto our Intranet. Governance and compliance were discussed to ensure we implement seamlessly across all applications. We also discussed what the future state would be and how it would benefit our employees. I must say, when I left the meeting the excitement was through the roof, everyone was fired-up by the prospect of introducing an innovative approach to communicating.

Social Media is possible and with the right people and support from senior management all things are possible.

In my next four posts I will be talking about:

1. How some of the hot emerging trends and technologies in the Web 2.0 world will aid me in delivering key messages to employees in a more efficient manner

2. The benefits of these trends and technologies to their overall internal communications strategy

3. What I am doing now to adopt these trends and technologies

4. What the potential impact will be and overall effectiveness of my new strategy and communication approach to employees.

As I mentioned in my previous posts a tremendous amount of planning goes into the adoption of Social Media and to bring it into the very fabric of your corporate Intranet goes well beyond all understanding. I hope that my experiences will help you through your journey.

Live your dreams through the eyes of the unknown…


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