"Blue Print” for change - personalizing your brand

Tony’s presentation was titled “Stop Advertising - Start Socializing” and focused on why companies need to change the way they communicate with customers. He explained that companies need to personalize their brands and to start socializing with customers. It was a passionate presentation that helped me validate many of my thoughts about why my company needs to change before the opportunity slips away.

Over the last 24 hours I have been trying to organize those thoughts into concrete solutions for our company. By taking some key points from the presentation and my insights in the use of Social Media tools, I’ve formulated a 10 step approach to refocusing your brands. You are the first to hear of this approach and understand that this hasn’t been tested nor validated. Its my attempt at trying to create a “blue print” for change.

Step 1 - Identify your target audience

Step 2 - Conduct a physiological needs assessment of your target audience

Step 3 - Conduct a “Mass Media” and “My Media (Social Media)” assessment

Step 4 - Determine which “Needs” link to which “Mass Media” and “My Media” (link step 2 & step 3)

Step 5 - Build “My Media” and “Mass Media” Strategies (Set your ROI)

Step 6 - Mobilize your Strategies

Step 7 - Monitor your Strategies (Listen & Evaluate)

Step 8 - Measure your ROI

Step 9 - Sunset or Sustain your Strategies

Step 10 - Stay ahead of the game…

Some of you are probably wondering what some of the steps mean and that more details are required, well I couldn’t agree with you more. My next few blogs will go into each step as I continue to formulate the details for each. I would be extremely interested in hearing some of your comments and insights to what I have suggested has a “blue print” for change.

Thanks again Tony for sharing! — Live your dreams through the eyes of the unknown…


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