“Should I or shouldn’t I”

I have determined that there are many reasons why businesses haven’t adopted Social Media into their overall communications strategy. Be it skepticism, lack of funding or no internal support from upper management. These delays to jump into the Social Media world could be a blessing.

Businesses need to consider how Social Media will be part of their overall strategy and set clear expectations as to what they would like to achieve. Instead of saying, “We should do Social Media”, the focus needs to be on “What does Social Media mean for our organization, stakeholders, employees, and customers“?

Since the inception of the Internet we have seen minor and major shifts in innovation. Some built on excitement and others that have changed the landscape of how we conduct our everyday lives. I believe that one things needs to remain clear, businesses need to build a long-term strategy that takes these shifts into account. We haven’t seen anything yet and Social Media will continue to grow and evolve for years to come.

So, take your time, set clear expectations and make sure your business is ready to plan for the future. Don’t just jump in; know what Social Media means to your business and how it will help you connect with the digital age.


Improve your Communications strategies, learn from the experiences of Brian Beehler and how you, too, can leverage Social Media to improve employee, stakeholder, and customer communications as well as support your organization�s overall efforts to drive change and achieve results. I�m a communications professional with over 10 years of experience in the private and public sector. I�m currently developing a frame work for corporations to build strategies that involve Social Media. By deter...

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