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Salespeople have been taught for generations that their job is to find the prospect\'s pain and then provide a solution. But what happens when the prospect has no pain? Does that mean you can\'t sell to them? The answer is...NO! For example, last week I planned on placing a product order from a company I usually do business with. They have always created a good product and provided acceptable service. So why did I FIRE them and choose another vendor? I did it because a top performing salesperson proved he wanted my business more. He consistently called on me. And when he did, he didn\'t search for pain, instead he searched for things my vendor did well and promised to do them better. The mistake my current vendor made was to assume that because I never complained, they would always get my business. Wrong assumption.

Here are the lessons from this experience:

  • Consistently reach out to prospect\'s whose business you want. And when the other supplier gets complacent, you will be there to win.
  • Don\'t assume because there is no pain, you have no chance.
  • If you own the business already, you better work for it. Regularly ask, \"What are we doing we should keep doing? What are we doing we should stop doing? What aren\'t we doing that we need to begin doing?\"
So this week, make a list of your best customers, tell them you love them, and ask how you can do even better. Then go steal the business from the countless complacent salespeople that believe \"no pain/no change.\"


Brian Sullivan, CSP, is a member of the National Speakers Association and an internationally known expert on sales and leadership. Brian is one of about 10 percent of speakers worldwide to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation awarded by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. He delivers high-energy, no-nonsense, interactive seminars on his PRECISE Selling Formula to a companies looking to become famous in their indust...

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