Enlightened Millionaires: AHA Number 10

Bryan: If you can't dream it, then you can't have it. It is just that simple. When you recognize that your dreams are unlimited, then you can do unlimited things. Enlightened millionaires understand this.

My practice of this Aha was quite inconsistent at first. Left brain thinking can pull me out of my dreams. When we attend a theatrical performance or view a movie, we voluntarily suspend our disbelief for two to three hours. When we exit the theatre, life slaps us into reality.

Our dreams are often like this as well. However, more times than not we slap ourselves with doubt or guilt. I have found in my own practice that by putting a strong, maintained focus on my dreams they do in fact become reality. My dreams become stated intentions. I work to not focus on discovering the mechanism to achieve. Doing so arises doubt. Instead, my stronger focus on the dream leads to the mechanisms revealing themselves to me.

If you worry or dream about debt, you will stay in debt. Our dreams are enormously powerful. So, make your huge, ridiculously huge. Doing so will smash your doubts and likely those of your loved ones as well.


Just you and anything you want in five years or less.

You can have it if you dream it and operate in the present without worrying about the past or the future. Give yourself permission to dream a big dream. But before you do take a moment and do this one quick thing.

Close the door to your past. Think about all of your past failures, guilt, could have, should have, would have. Ok how? Stand up think about all could haves, should haves, would haves, as you walk to a door. Hold all of that in your mind and slam the freeking door. If you have to slam it a few times, DO SO. Now take a deep breath. Because you can go to a different door and open it. What you will find on the other side of that door is your bigger dream. Go for a walk, a drive and see yourself in the life, just you and anything you want in five years. Come back and take that first step to that dream.

Anytime you have some doughnuts go to the past door and slam the freeking door; take a deep breath and go to your future door. OPEN IT. Dream IT!


Bryan See is an Abundance & Self-Improvement Coach. His passion is teaching others by example and practice to identify the belief systems which limits the person. Bryan specializes in those people in the network marketing (MLM) industry. Whether the client is a top leader in their company, or someone just beginning their journey, Bryan treats each as a individual with unique goals, challenges, and God given gifts.

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