10 Top Food Franchises Of 2008

One of the best franchise opportunities available to the aspiring franchisee is food. Not only is sustenance a necessity for human survival, making its demand constant, but in the United States (often to our detriment) it is also a cultural addiction: we love good food and we can’t stay away from it. But that reality actually fares well for the owner of a food franchise. The following is a list of 10 of the best franchise options for feeding the masses.

Big Names

Because food is such a continuously booming industry, there are plenty of very well known names that have huge payoffs for guest and franchisee alike, mostly because brand recognition for these companies is unreal. Do you recognize any of these fast-food franchise names? Pizza Hut? ARCO ampm? Baskin Robbins? Of course you do, and that is precisely what carries much of their business success: they’re recognizable and you’re likely to find them anywhere you go. For most of America, it’s hard not to open the phone book in search of a pizza delivery place and not at least ask yourself what deals you could get if you called one of the two dozen Pizza Hut locations in your area. When you’re out on the town looking for ice cream, but you don’t want a gallon, the instinctive thought is 31 flavors, which one should I pick?

As funny as it sounds though, the big name doesn’t even have to be where we expect it to be in order for it to reel us in. Take another great food franchise, for instance: the Nestlé Tollhouse Café. Now, I’ve never seen one of these franchises in person, but I can guarantee that simply because I recognize the name from their other products in the supermarket, I would be inclined to visit their store for a tasty treat. There’s something about recognizing a company that we like, and that makes big names a good idea for franchisees.

Lesser Names Up and Coming

Not all great franchise opportunities are well established names; some of the best choices for someone breaking into the franchise world are to choose something that hasn’t hit the big time yet, but is well on its way there. That way, the owner can grow right along with the business.

One such opportunity is Wing Zone. Started as an interesting alternative to the run of the mill pizza place, Wing Zone rises and falls on chicken legs and wings in a host of different sauces, and so far, that plan is working. Recognized by some impressive magazines as being one of the fastest growing restaurants quickly spreading across the states, this business opportunity affords a smart businessperson the chance to get in on the ground floor and become a hit right along with the business.

For similar options, check out these other budding business opportunities. For those in love with dessert but tired of selling ordinary ice cream, Funari’s Italian Creamery is changing things up with their old-world recipe for gelato in a modern context. Dickey’s Barbeque is doing the same in the world of meat. Birthed in Texas, the home of barbeque, Dickey’s Barbeque does away with the stereotypical Texas atmosphere, while maintaining the lonestar state’s commitment to good, carnivorous dining. In a different vein, Franktitude provides quality eating to guests while lowering overhead by specializing in foods that come to the store already prepared. If you don’t have to cook it on site, you don’t have to pay for cooks.

Whatever the niche or gimmick, what these franchises really have going for them is a sense of potential. They aren’t massive yet, but with their subtle novelties, there’s no telling how large they’ll get.


Speaking of novelty, no list of the best food franchises would be complete without the next two names. In a world of burgers, fries, ice cream, and pizza, these two business opportunities stand out like sore thumbs of genius.

D’arcy McGee’s is something that is never going to get to the prevalence level of Pizza Hut, and that is the vast majority of its success and charm. Coming with a steep price tag and a far more pleasant air, this Irish pub is one of a kind, precisely because it’s an Irish pub, they may be plentiful in Ireland, but not so much in the states. Instead of the fast-food, get-in-and-get-out atmosphere, D’arcy McGee’s invites you to kick back, get a pint, and stay for a long while with your friends. There may not be many of these places, but the ones that go up are likely to succeed.

And no salute to food novelty would be complete without Muddy Paw Wash & Coffee Bar. Yes, you read that right. And yes, it does mean precisely what it sounds like. You and your canine friend come in, he gets a bath, and you get a latte. Chances are, with a business like this, a franchisee will get loads of people just coming in to see if it’s what it sounds like. And from there, the quality of service will decide whether or not that visitor is a customer for life.

Take Your Pick

Though it may be some of the best food franchises a person could get, this list is really only the tip of the ice berg. Before making a decision, take a look through the other plethora of options.

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