Break-Up The Monotony Of Working From Home

For some people, one of the hardest parts of owning and operating a home business is the isolation of working from home. Though, certainly, some entrepreneurs want nothing more than to be left to themselves to do their work in a home office, others can have a hard time making the adjustment to repeated, full days of solitary work. And when the initial excitement of operating a franchise business begins to wane, it’s not uncommon to begin to go a little stir crazy from being cooped up at home all day. If that sounds far too familiar to you, here are some simple ideas to help get you past the work at home blues.

Form a Daily Plan

Before your day starts, be sure to lay out exactly what you’re going to accomplish with a simple to-do list. This is as much to mark a definite stopping point as it is to keep you to task for the day. When you’re already downcast by the fact that you’re by yourself, the only thing that could make it worse would be having an interminable day ahead of you, so plan out your daily tasks so that you know when to stop.

Make Some Noise

If you still remember the days at the office, you’ll recognize that one of the biggest differences of being at home is that there is little or no noise in the background: no ringing phones, no chattering coworkers, no "you’ve got mail" voice coming from the next cubicle. If having some background noise helps you run your home based business, try turning on the radio. Talk radio is good if you want to feel like there are people around, but if that’s distracting, just some instrumental music can go a long way toward making you feel less alone.

Keep up with Friends

One of the best benefits of a work from home business is the ability to create your own schedule. Put that to use by scheduling time with friends whenever they’re available, even if that’s right in the middle of the work day. What better way is there to break your sense of isolation than by visiting with someone you know cares about you?

Set Aside Time for Face-to-Face Meetings

It’s not even just your friends who can keep you from hitting the isolation blues in your franchise; clients and business contacts can help, too. If you need to talk with a business associate, try scheduling a face-to-face meeting, either in the home office or out at a coffee shop or restaurant. Seeing an actual person will do you more good than just making a phone call or writing an email.

Hit Conferences, Tradeshows, and Other Events

Whatever your industry may be, there’s only good that can come from attending a tradeshow in your field. Not only will you learn new things about what’s going on in your industry and how it’s being innovated, but you’ll get to meet others who are in similar lines of work, network your business, and maybe even make a friend. At very least, you’ll be out in the world, in close proximity to other human beings, which is something that a home business entrepreneur always needs, just to stay grounded.

Establish Joint Ventures

Whether you meet someone at the grocery store or at a business convention, it can be a great benefit to professionally collaborate with other businessmen who need your services and whose services you need. Meeting periodically with someone else and working on projects together can benefit your business as well as your psyche.

Get Involved in Communities

Whether it’s becoming a part of a community service team at your church, volunteering at a retirement center, or joining a book club, make sure you have social events in your calendar. Spending all day every day by yourself at home can be tough, but spending every evening there, too, can be downright self-destructive. Get out, be around people, and have fun.

Go Outside

Often one of the biggest problems for people operating franchises from home is simply the sense of confinement, which can make that lonely feeling even worse. At least a few times a day, go stand outside for a few minutes. You may not get any human interaction in that time, but sunlight is proven to be a mood enhancer, so it couldn’t hurt. And if you get really adventurous, try taking your phone and laptop out to the patio for a few hours, or better yet a coffee shop. The key is realizing that you’re not restricted to your office space.

People, by nature, are social beings, so while business opportunities that isolate their owners in their homes provide a myriad of benefits, they can also be somewhat difficult to handle at times. If you’re a home business owner, for your own sake and for the success of your business, ensure that you’re getting enough time with other people. Don’t let a great franchise opportunity lose its appeal because you’re too lonely to see what an opportunity it really is.

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