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For the average American, one purchase trumps all others in terms of importance and financial cost, and that is the purchase of a home. Even when housing prices are low as they are now, it is no small matter for a man, woman, or family to buy a house, so it only makes sense that people want to confirm that what they’re buying is a firm investment and a solid structure. This is where home inspection businesses play a hand, giving a home a complete look-over to determine what kind of shape the home is actually in before the sale is made.

Whether the country’s housing market is up or down, the home inspection industry is in high demand. In a seller’s market, more homes are usually trading hands, which means more business for inspectors. In a buyer’s marker, buyers take their time are more cautious about their purchases, which means more business for inspectors. Either way, inspectors win. In fact, some estimates say that anywhere from 80-90% of all homes sold in the US today are inspected before selling, and few industries see that kind of work volume. If a small business in the inspection market seems like a good choice for you, here are some excellent business opportunities that could be just the ticket.

A-Pro Home Inspection

Founded in 1994, A-Pro Home Inspection has been a family-owned business since the beginning, and as such, they know what families need in a home. They provide the most comprehensive 500-point inspection in the industry, not skipping a step when it comes to checking out a house. What’s more, these franchises provide clients with the option of getting a 90-, 120-, or 360-day guarantee on homes that they inspect. In their words, "if we pass it, we protect it." And that impressive level of concern is not limited to clients; franchisees receive it too. Regardless of what kind of difficulty an A-Pro Home Inspection inspector may run into, he has round-the-clock access to a full array of engineers, technicians, IT personnel, and advertising professionals who are always ready to help.

HomeTeam Inspection Service

The most interesting feature of this business model appears right in the name: instead of the classic inspector who works alone on a job, HomeTeam Inspection Service prides itself on its standard practice of using small teams of inspectors to get the job done. More hands make work faster, and more eyes make the inspection more trustworthy, which clients appreciate. Franchisees benefit from the practices of the franchisor as well. Even before the business gets up and running, the franchisor does a full territory analysis to give the work from home franchisee a complete understanding of the housing market and trends in the area where will set up shop.

Inspect-It 1st

Their slogan alone is worth learning more: "before you buy or sell, Inspect-It 1st." What’s particularly interesting about an Inspect-It 1st inspection is that whenever one is conducted, it’s only the first inspection of as many as it takes to confirm the quality of every inch of the house. That’s because inspectors with this home business are only generalists: their responsibility is to decide if further inspection from a specialist in any field is needed. For this reason, franchisees need no previous experience in construction; they only need to pay close attention during training, which isn’t hard because Inspect-It 1st’s training is one of the best. After 2 weeks of classes, franchisees get 26 weeks of personal coaching to ensure that what they learned is put effectively into practice.

Pillar to Post

Finally, this is perhaps the cream of the crop. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Pillar to Post is the #1 home inspection franchise in existence, and it has been for 6 consecutive years, making it one of the most decorated inspection businesses available. And the rest of the housing market has realized this. RE/MAX, one of the world’s largest real estate firms, recently made Pillar to Post one of their approved inspection suppliers. Still, despite the pomp of being one of the largest and most well known of all the inspection franchises, Pillar to Post still retains a clear concern for the quality of service given to clients as well as the level of support given to franchisees. There is a reason that everyone respects them.

With a huge demand for home inspection services already built up, and no appearance of decline on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to get into the industry. There are few businesses that afford such a simple way to profoundly impact people’s lives and investments for the better, while establishing your own business, so don’t let this one pass you by. There are plenty of home based business options to choose from, so it’s only a matter of finding the one that will best suit you, your area, and your plans for the future.

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