Hottest Low-Investment Franchise Opportunities Available

Like any big step in life, taking advantage of a franchise opportunity can be a daunting thought, and part of what is so challenging about it is the inevitable price tag that comes with it. The average car in America costs roughly $28,000, and the average home runs at about $212,000, but starting a business, even a franchise, can sometimes reach prices of $1mil or more, and that is enough to startle even the most intrepid entrepreneur, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. In truth, only the highest echelons of franchise business reach prices that high, and many actually stay in a range closer to that of the average American car. If you’re just starting out or don’t currently have the financial strength to take on a multi-million-dollar business, the following are excellent low-cost alternatives.

The Back Rubber

One of the most interesting of all vending franchises, this business is built on an automated service instead of a product. For only a couple dollars, patrons can use automated leather massage chairs conveniently placed in malls and shopping centers, and in most cases, they love the brief relaxing break from the day of errand-running. The success of this home based business is determined almost solely by the franchisee, who decides where, when, and how often he works; fulltime or part-time, 4 chairs or 20: it’s all the owner’s decision.

Caring Hearts In-Home Care

One of the cheapest business opportunities available, Caring Hearts In-Home Care provides in-home care to elderly clients. Whether that takes the form of personal care assistance (like bathing and clothing the client) or simply keeping people company and playing cards with them, franchisees with this company provide such services with an open heart and a smile. And because 75% of the baby-boomer generation is quickly approaching retirement age, the demand for such services is about to skyrocket. If you’re a caring person who wants to get in on a vastly expanding market, there is no better opportunity.

The Drug Test Consultants

Drug abuse has become a major issue in our society: one that ruins lives on a daily basis. It’s a problem that few franchises address, but The Drug Test Consultants is one of the few that does. Franchisees begin by training in the field to receive The Drug Test Consultants associate certification, which dubs them ready to administer a full battery of workplace drug tests, hair follicle tests, home drug tests, steroid tests, and personal background checks for their clients. Executive associates then get to participate in the "Summit" Marketing System and "Platinum Hot Lead Program," which stir up public attention without any cold calling. And all along, franchisees receive ongoing mentoring and personal support, making the system helpful for both clients and franchisees.

Creation Carpets & Flooring of America

Unlike most carpeting and flooring businesses, Creation Carpets & Flooring of America has no storefront to purchase or overly bulky stock to amass and keep track of. Doing things in a completely unorthodox and effective way, work from home franchisees keep large sample books that house hundreds of carpet and floor swatches for their customers to look through and choose from, reducing the headache of walking through a massive warehouse for everyone involved. Because 41 dealers are already active across the country, and the business has proven itself a worthy partner for numerous distributors around the nation, franchisees get the lowest possible direct pricing on their orders. Simplicity and functionality come together beautifully in this franchise business.

Made In The Shade Blinds And More

Similar to Custom Carpets, Made In The Shade Blinds And More brings the value of warehouse prices to the convenience of in-home selection and purchasing. This business has built such a strong relationship with distributors that franchisees receive products for clients at prices that can’t be beaten, which translates into savings for customers and higher profit margins for business owners. Though it may not seem likely to the average Joe, blinds and window coverings are part of a $5.3bil US industry, making this work at home franchise a serious business opportunity for any serious entrepreneur.


Imagine walking into a store with no expectation of buying an item or service, but rather a business for sale; that is exactly what customers of FranchiseMart do, because this business is a seller of franchise businesses and nothing more. Sort of a permanent tradeshow, this business was begun by United Franchise Group, a team of people with a total of 30 years of franchising experience under their belts. Receiving full training from some of the greatest franchise minds in the industry and a fully turnkey business, franchisees with FranchiseMart find themselves with a great outlook for franchise-brokering success.

Buying a franchise business will always be a little unnerving, but that doesn’t have to be based on the price of the purchase itself. Though it may seem that buying a cheap franchise would be limiting future financial gains, that simply isn’t the case; all that matters is the functionality of the business model and the personal investment of the franchisee. With any one of these low-cost franchises, you’ll quickly find out that it doesn’t necessarily take money to make money.

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