Small Business Opportunities In The Medical Industry

In an economy that seems to be taking a downturn at the moment, everyone is looking for an industry that isn’t likely to go with it. Though there are probably a variety of markets that are such societal staples that they’ll remain solid regardless of what our national economy does, one of the most stable is the medical industry, because whatever the financial state of the nation, people will inevitably continue to need medical attention: people continue to have children, continue to get injured, and continue to grow old no matter what. In fact, in 2007, the medical industry pulled in an astounding $2.26 trillion, and with steadily increasing needs for both services and staffing, there is no indication that that is going to turn around anytime soon. If breaking into such a market with a work at home small business sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, here are a few options that can get you into the medical profession.

American Business Systems LLC

As sad as it really is, one of the major downfalls of the medical profession as it stands is payment. Part of the reason that medical services are so costly is that doctors and other medical professionals don’t always receive their compensation; in fact, 30% of the time, they don’t. And the other 70% of bill payments aren’t received for 60, 90, or even sometimes 120 days. American Business Systems LLC, however, has developed an online billing system that reduces the number of lost payments to only 2% and gets payment to medical professionals in only a week. The service offered by this home business is both easier and more effective than most systems currently used in the industry, making it a fairly simple sell to clients your territory. All necessary marketing materials are provided, along with comprehensive training, and two years of one-on-one support.

Digicom Specialties

Ultrasound technology is becoming more and more important in the medical field: necessary for everything from pregnancy checkups to gallstones. The problem is the price tag; not every small and mid-sized medical facility can afford to purchase, keep, and maintain their own equipment, even if they frequently use it. That’s precisely why Digicom Specialties exists, providing ultrasound equipment and service rentals to facilities that can’t afford to purchase. The franchisor provides new franchises with complete territory analyses to find the best place to set up shop, exclusive access to manuals and operation materials, special pricing arrangements with equipment providers, scheduled visits from field reps, and much more.

Physicians Weight Loss Centers

For those interested in helping others lose weight that could potentially save, or at least lengthen, their lives, this is the perfect franchise opportunity. Unlike almost every other weight loss facility, this franchise attacks the problem of obesity from a medical perspective, with professional medical staff working to develop the most aggressive and well-planned strategies for weight loss available. Clients can choose between 4 different systems that consist of a total of 75 different products that can be purchased online. That makes sales easier for franchisees and increases the number of products available to clients in a home based business owner’s territory.

Always Best Care Senior Services

In their own words, "caring is at the heart of everything we do." From the very beginning, they demonstrate their caring simply in their relationship with the franchisee, providing 5 days of training at the central headquarters, 3 more days on site at the new franchise location, and ongoing web-training. Once the new franchisee is established, he then passes on the care that he’s received to his new clients, who he helps in one of two ways: either with in-home non-medical care from a licensed care professional, or by assisting them in making the transition to an assisted living facility for the elderly. In both cases, each franchise business is equipped with the company’s "Virtual Office," a computer program that simplifies every aspect of administrating the business, allowing the work at home franchisee more time to focus on the real work.

Though it’s one of the smaller corners of the work from home business world, the medical industry does offer some good business opportunities for those looking to start their own small business. If you’re interested in entering a field that helps people while turning a steady profit, and one that isn’t impacted by economic shifts, this is the industry for you. Learn more about these franchises and you’re certain to find the one for you.

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