4 Business Travel Tips That Will Make Spending Time in the Airport Less of a Hassle

Traveling for business isn’t usually any fun, especially because you’re likely to spend a good chunk of your time in the airport. The good news is, the airport doesn’t have to cause stress-induced headaches.

Spending time in the airport really can be less of a hassle when you travel for business, but only if you follow these four tips.

Get Paid When Your Flight Is Cancelled or Delayed

The more time you spend in the airport, the more likely you are to experience a cancellation or a delay. Nothing throws a wrench in your plans like knowing you won’t make it to that board meeting on time.

Although there really isn’t anything you can do about the cancellation or delay itself, you can feel better about it if you use a provider like Get Service.

This unique program searches for your itineraries in your inbox automatically and files claims if any of them have been delayed or cancelled so you don't have to call in yourself to get compensated. At least you’ll know you’re getting paid while you wait for the next flight.

Pick the Right Security Line

When you finally are ready to board a plane, the process can be excruciating. Especially if you’re stuck behind honeymooners, large families, or people who look like they haven’t been to the airport in decades.

The trick is to get in the right line. If there’s a line for business professionals, try that one. You can also pay for security passes and TSA precheck status to move through the lines even faster. It’s well worth the money to make it to your plane on time.

Check-In Online, If You Can

It’s not just the security line that can cause you problems. Just checking in can be a headache. That’s why it’s always worth your time to check-in online, if you can.

You may still have to print your ticket when you get there, but you won’t have to wait in line to talk to an airline representative behind the desk.

Don't Check a Bag

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t check a bag:

  • Save money: Many airlines are now charging for checked bags.

  • Skip the luggage lines: With no bag to check, you don't have to wait in line to check it.

  • Your luggage is in good hands: You're taking care of your own stuff, which can provide peace of mind.

  • Skip the wait: You don't have to wait for your luggage when you get off the plane.

  • No lost luggage: Even if your connecting flight is delayed, you won’t lose your luggage.
Dealing with the airport is always going to be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be one that you absolutely dread. Even if you only follow one of these four tips, you’ll find that you’re spending less time frustrated at the airport and more time working on that next big project while you wait for your plane.


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