5 Primary Types Of Corporate Investigation

A corporate investigation is any investigation of a business or corporation to see if any wrongdoing at the corporation has been done by employees or management.

Corporate investigations are rather complex and the extent to which they cover can vary hugely. As an example, the investigation can focus specifically on potential wrongdoing by a particular employee, or it can look into whether or not a business partner is actually legitimate. Ultimately though, the main job of a corporate investigator is just to make sure that everything at a company is going well and within the bounds of the law.

How the investigation is carried out can also vary significantly. A corporate investigator has a wide array of techniques at their disposal, including surveillance, counter measures sweeps, integrity testing, financial investigation, security checks, and computer forensics to name a few things.

Companies will hire corporate investigators not only to prove that something illegal is going on within the company, but also to protect themselves from potential future illegal activities as well. A corporate investigator is not biased and will provide you with accurate information.

Since it entirely depends on what specifically you want to investigate at your company, you will need to hire an investigator who specializes in the specific type of corporate investigation that you need. What types of corporate investigations are there?

Here are the top five primary types of corporate investigations:

Corruption Investigator

When you hire a corporate investigator for corruption investigation, they will look into signs of corporate espionage, fraud, illegal exchanges, and bribery.

Electronic Investigation

An electronic corporate investigation means that the corporate investigator will investigate and gather any information that is stored electronically to see if they can gather data from that. While they’re at it, you can also ask them to find and restore any data that you have lost as well.

Financial Investigation

Financial investigation is done to see if there are any financial irregularities at a company due to illegal acts. A corporate investigator hired for financial investigation at a company will look for signs of white collar crime such as fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Research Investigation

With research investigation, the corporate investigator will research the companies and businesses that you are seeking to do business with. Examples of times when you would want to hire a corporate investigator to complete a research investigation include during mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, or investments.

A research corporate investigator can also run background checks on new potential employees as well.

Undercover Investigations

During an undercover investigation, a corporate investigator will use surveillance techniques and blend in with a company and look into any signs of misconduct among employees, such as harassment, substance abuse, or theft.

Corporate Investigation

If you have reason to believe that there are financial inconsistencies or acts of employee dishonesty, then it would be wise to have a thorough corporate investigation run to make sure that everything at your company is running smoothly and legally.


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