Essential Tips to Create a Compelling Explainer Animation

You need to get an idea or concept across that explains your company, your brand or a product or service you offer. You could do a live action video, but it’s pricey, and it tends to be difficult to get the kind of acting and production value that are going to seem professional.

You could do a written guide, but will anyone really read it?

There’s the possibility of doing an audio recording, but that’s not very interactive or visually appealing.

So what’s the solution?

For many businesses, the ideal component to add to their marketing strategy in this situation is an explainer animation. Explainer animations are just what they sound like. They’re informative, animated videos that highlight something your business needs to get across to an audience, such as how to properly use your product or service.

So how do you maximize the effectiveness of an animation?

Get the Script Right

Not all explainer videos have words. They may simply be the animation, or maybe the animation plus a bit of copy to clarify key points.

However, if your video is going to have a script, put most of your focus here before you ever start working with a design company. The script needs to use simple, easy-to-understand language and outline the who, the how and the why.

Keep It Brief

Whether you have a script or not, your animation above all else needs to be short. The value of these videos is to give your audience the information they need in a fast, easily digestible format.

If your video is around 30 seconds, you’re going to get the vast majority of your audience to watch it all the way through. If you go beyond two minutes, you’re going to lose viewership quickly.

Leave Out the Details

In terms of being part of your marketing strategy, an explainer video needs to be very barebones. It only needs to highlight the absolute basics of your product or service. Leave out the details, because it can quickly get complicated and too long.

The idea is that the explainer video is going to pique the interest of your audience, which will then drive them to find out the details in another format.

As another note here, show the benefits during the explainer rather than trying to highlight all of the features. If someone loves what they see, they’ll take the time to learn more about the features or the technical elements after watching the animation.

Integrate It With Your Site

Once you’ve worked with a professional design company to create the explainer animation, it’s time to launch it. Put it somewhere highly visible, such as your site’s homepage, so it’s the first thing visitors see. It gives them the most foundational introduction to your product or service.

Since it will be so visible on your website, make sure the design integrates elements of your branding, and everything feels streamlined and cohesive.

If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your conversions and amplify your marketing strategy, think about adding an explainer animation into your approach.


Carmelo is a marketing writer and blogger helping small and medium size businesses craft winning content strategies. She's always scouting the web for new social media strategies and is slightly addicted to apps. When not tapping the keyboard, you are likely to find her in the park playing with her uncontrollably friendly Irish setter or trying out new vegan recipes.

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