Top 4 Features to Look For In a Budget Tactical Watch

Tactical watches are watches that are designed to be used by military, special operations, and law enforcement units in some of the most unforgiving conditions in the world. As such, they are some of the toughest and most durable watches in existence. As it turns out, they're perfect for busy entrepreneurs.

It is for this reason that tactical watches are often favored by outdoor enthusiasts who need a watch that can effortlessly stand up to demanding outdoor scenarios. They're also perfect for anyone who lives a busy, demanding life and needs a durable watch. Like your average entrepreneur.

You may believe that this means tactical watches are extremely expensive, and while there are definitely some high priced models on the market, there are also great tactical watches you can buy without spending an insanely large amount of money.

Here are the top four features to look for in a budget tactical watch:

Make Sure The Lens Is Made Out Of Sapphire Glass

Since your tactical watch is meant to be put through hard conditions, the lens needs to be as strong as possible. Sapphire is the second strongest mineral in existence, second to diamonds. It’s superior to other common options such as ceramic or stainless steel. What’s more, is that sapphire is also affordable and can be found on budget models of tactical watches.

The Hands And Digits Must Be Luminescent

Being able to tell the time when it’s dark out is a key feature to have in a tactical watch. Unlike other kinds of watches, tactical watches are designed to be used 24/7. As a result, each of the hands and digits on the watch need to be luminescent so you can easily tell the time regardless of how dark it is.

It Should Be Anti-Reflective

Don’t make the mistake of buying a tactical watch that will reflect the sunlight. Not only is this annoying, it could give away your position as well. Avert this by buying a budget tactical watch that’s coated in an anti-reflecting coating such as PVD, which is also extremely scratch resistant and durable.

It Must Be Water Resistant

Last but not least, if your tactical watch is not very water resistant, then it’s not a true tactical watch. Tactical watches are durable so they can withstand force, abuse, and debris, but they also need to be able to withstand water as well. You never know when it may be raining or when you’ll have to go for a swim with your watch on.

At minimum, your tactical watch should be able to withstand thirty meters of water and still be able to work, though fifty to seventy meters would be more preferable for a wider variety of circumstances. You won’t be able to go snorkeling with a watch that can withstand thirty meters, for example.

Buying A Budget Tactical Watch

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a high quality tactical watch that meets your needs. All that it comes down to is knowing what to look for in a watch and then finding a watch and them making sure you select one that does not exceed your budget.


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