Top Email Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

One of the most effective ways to reach out to your existing customer base without spending hardly any money is to run an email marketing campaign.

An email marketing campaign is simple: people subscribe to you through your blog, website, or social media page, and at that point you can send them updates, newsletters, discounts and coupons, birthday emails, and so on.

Nonetheless, there’s still a lot more to email marketing than just that. Here are the top email marketing tips for entrepreneurs:

Make It Easy For Someone To Subscribe

Your email signup form needs to be clearly visible on your blog, website, social media page, eBook, or wherever else you plan on setting it up. It should be inviting, include a call to action, and only require the first name and email address of the potential subscriber.

Give Your Subscribers A Reward For Signing Up

People are going to need a reason to subscribe to your email, and this can be most easily accomplished by offering them a special reward. The reward needs to be something the subscribe sees value in, such as a free eBook, a free training course, or a special coupon.

Always Send A Welcome Email When Someone Signs Up

Whenever someone new subscribes to your mailing address, it’s wise to have a welcome email that will be automatically sent to them. On this welcome email, be sure to express gratitude to the new subscriber for signing up and consider adding an additional coupon as well.

Edit Your Emails Before You Send Them

Always carefully proofread and edit your emails before sending out a new blast to your subscribers. While it can certainly be tempting to just type up an email quickly and send it out, the truth is you want to be as professional as possible. Remember, once you send an email out to your subscribers, you can’t update it. A sloppy email is only going to reflect poorly on you as a whole.

Send Your Subscribers Relevant and Valuable Content

On average, roughly a third of email subscribers will unsubscribe within the first year, and the vast majority of those who remain subscribed will become inactive and be as if they aren’t subscribed at all. To prevent this from happening you need to keep your subscribers engaged, and you can do this by continuously offering them valuable content.

Examples of valuable email content includes the following: a complete newsletter (not a short one that doesn’t really discuss anything), general updates on new products or services, coupons with a limited time offer, birthday emails with a discount specifically for that subscriber, and so on.

When it comes down to it, sending relevant and valuable content to your subscriber base on a consistent basis is the only way you can keep them engaged and stop them from becoming inactive.

Marketing With Email

Your email marketing campaign can be highly successful as long as you know what to do. By following tips in this article, you’ll be off to a great start.


Carmelo is a marketing writer and blogger helping small and medium size businesses craft winning content strategies. She's always scouting the web for new social media strategies and is slightly addicted to apps. When not tapping the keyboard, you are likely to find her in the park playing with her uncontrollably friendly Irish setter or trying out new vegan recipes.

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