The 13 Most Powerful Words in Marketing

Everyone knows that words have power (well, maybe not everyone - but everyone who reads Blue Chip Tips does!) Consider the word, "nice." Nice doesn't pack any power. It just sits there, doesn’t it?

"We had a nice dinner." That doesn't tell you much. How about, "We had a delicious dinner." While "nice" tells you nothing, "delicious" describes the meal.

How about this sentence: "I went for a walk on the beach. It was nice, sunny and quiet." Compare that to, "I went for a leisurely stroll on the beach. It was rejuvenating and the sun was shining brilliantly across the water."

See what I mean about words having power?

The same holds true for words you use in any marketing campaign you launch. A famous study done by Yale University once pegged the “12 Most Powerful Words in English-language Advertising” as:

  • You

  • Money

  • Save

  • New

  • Results

  • Easy

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Love

  • Discovery

  • Proven

  • Guaranteed

  • I would add the word, “Free” as well – when used cautiously. (Too many Internet scams have abused the word). Used in context, however, “free” can be powerful.

    While these words definitely have power – they are no magic bullet. Trying to use powerful words to make up for weak copy overall is like trying to use a band-aid to fix a broken leg. Powerful words, combined with powerful, well written, benefit-packed copy is the best formula for guaranteeing powerful results from your marketing campaign.


    Entrepreneur and outdoor photography adventurer Caroline Melberg is President and CEO of Small Business Mavericks, a division of Melberg Marketing. She has over 20 years of experience creating marketing communications materials and writing copy for some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Her small business columns are syndicated online, and she publishes the popular eZine, "Small Business Maverick Secrets." Learn insider Maverick Marketing secrets you can use immediately ...

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