Boost Salon Spa Sales with Client Focused Retailing

If you are reading this article you are possibly looking for new and exciting ways to inject renewed energy and excitement into your business. And more importantly increase sales and profitability. So lets look at how a ‘Client Focused Retailing" program could improve your salon or spas cash flow.

The Client Focused method of retailing is all about servicing each client's full skincare needs in the most complete way that will also be in the client's best interest. It's about being able to offer REAL RESULTS from services and products supported by professional knowledge and high technical skills. The bonus is that by actively focusing on the less labor intensive service dollar the viability and profitability of the business will improve.

For any salon or spa to increase retail sales, the full and on-going support of both management and staff is the vital component. No one can have the ‘I'm a therapist not a salesperson approach' it just won't cut the mustard in the successful 21st Century beauty business. All therapists must up-hold a commitment to each and every client of a full professional ‘duty of care'.

Where does this start:

  • At the appointment booking, "Mrs Jones while your here for your brow wax can I offer you a complimentary skin analysis, it will only take a few minutes and it's important to check your skins health condition at the change of season ". - this opens the possibility for treatment and retail sales - the more consultations and analysis the higher the service and retail sales will be
  • The consultation / analysis is the therapists key information gathering technique - it shows areas of treatment need and identifies gaps or non-existing areas in home care regimes - reap the rewards with increased retail sales for your salon or spa
  • Product and Treatment Recommendation - every client must be exposed to new products and additional services - it should be the salon teams aim to convert all small services such as wax, tint , nail into facial and body care clients
  • The salon Spa must offer Results Driven Treatments and Retail Products - today's clients expectations are high - you must be able to deliver the goods
  • Education and communication - all employees must be highly educated in all services and stocked products and have the necessary skills to pass this information onto the potential customer
  • The therapist must go into the product presentation presuming the client will purchase - and why wouldn't they if a highly skilled therapist performing Result Driven Treatment recommends take home products to maintain their 24 / 7 skin/ body health
  • The salon spa must have time and space available to present take home requirements - for best retailing results 15 minutes is needed at the end of ( first time ) service and 10 minutes for change of season service - space to present prescription needs - testers are invaluable for the show - tell - sell method of sales
  • During the service recommend a program or series of treatments ( for maximum results) or regular maintenance treatment should have been advised - re-book - re-book - re-book
Do all this and your salon spa will increase sales and improve bottom line profits.


Caroline Nelson is a beauty industry specific business coach and author of the Ignite Your Beauty Business For $uccess- Salon, Staff Policies Procedures & Systems manual. To learn more about her step-by-step program for salon spa success, and to sign up for her FREE e-Book "3 Top Salon Spa Money Making Secrets", visit my homepage. Or follow me on

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