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Ever heard the oft repeated phrase, "She/he is very Brand Conscious" Brands are what the market is all about today. So often you pick up a particular brand because your experience showed you that here is a brand that gave what it promised.

A branded product implies that the producers have given their product a lot of thought, they used good quality material in production, and they are willing to back their product one hundred percent.

Branding works. And, when you work with social media websites, where said branding gets the required exposure, this is where you are likely to score.

At the end, of the day it's all about the business.

Personal Branding Demystified

As the name implies, personal branding is a brand where it is the individual who is the brand. If you feel you have something that can benefit people, you package yourself as a brand. Your package now includes not only clothes and overall appearance but also your knowledge that works to set you apart from the rest.

Your personal brand could be your name too, just like "Versace or "Tommy Hilfiger" where they are their own brand.

You are your own judge of your skills, talent and capability and if you believe you have what it takes to put these to good use, all you have to do is market it.

After you have ascertained your personal brand identity you have to now:

  • Let people know that you are an expert in your field.
  • Build a strong reputation in your line of work.
  • Work to enhance your apparent value in the market.
One of the best ways to do this is through social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media websites are public websites which are frequented by many. These are websites where your exposure can be increased by manifolds.

There are some websites like LinkedIn that are business oriented and professional in their intent. These are the social media websites that have 24/7 broadcast features where you can be available online for prospective clients. Other websites like FaceBook are highly public interactive websites. However, wall postings may not have the same results as exposure on LinkedIn.

Blogging is another way of conveying your prospective clients that you are serious about what you intend to pursue and you have the right approach for it.

You can have links on your social networking page to aid navigation to your website and blogs that educate customers about your plans, intentions, and your expertise. This altogether helps in building up your image, your personal brand which then translates into lucrative business opportunities for you.

Social media websites and personal branding are invaluable to each other. One provides the content and the other enhances your web presence, creates opportunities, helps with ad placements, funding and other essential tasks.


Carrie Langstroth has a background in finance.  She was the Chief Financial Officer for one of the fastest growing property management and development companies in the country.   She retired from this career and has started pursuing other business interests.  She looked for a business that offered flexibility both in location and time. &nbs...

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