Develop a Magnetic Personality

A magnetic personality has the ability to draw your customers to you like fish to a cat that has not eaten in two days. The key is to develop this kind of character if you are not already this type of person. How can a company chief create that particular type of character out of thin air? This article will attempt to answer that question with the following words.

Let's face it nobody enters the world with a magnetic personality. However, this is something that any current or future business owner can obtain along the way. Many of the factors that contribute to the development of our characters are related to the things we have experienced and the company we have kept.

In order to become the work from home entrepreneur that others tend to gravitate towards, you need to become a person that is pleasant in appearance. This refers to wearing sharp outfits, being physically fit, being a person who keeps their word, and even the cologne or perfume that you wear. The unpleasant truth is that many of our customers will judge us based upon a first meeting. If they are not impressed by what they see, we may not get another chance to prove our abilities.

Below are 3 tips to help you obtain a magnetic personality that others could only dream of achieving with their character.

1. Increase your base of knowledge

A surefire method of becoming more attractive to your core customers is to become someone to whom they can relate. If the majority of your audience likes baseball, become a baseball expert. If they are fond of chess, make every effort to find out a bit about the game of chess. In others words, become the person that your clients find interesting because you are someone who shares their common interests.

2. Make your clients chuckle by using the gift of laughter

Business owners who can break the ice quickly by making other people chuckle with a good joke are very effective entrepreneurs. Perhaps you have already mastered this art form, or maybe you are in need of a few comedy lessons. It is simple to understand why people enjoy spending time around those who bring a smile to their face with a funny joke.

3. Take an active interest in your health

The final tip that will help you to become more magnetic than a steel crowbar is to watch your diet. Take an active interest in going to the fitness center in your area. Besides providing a great place to exercise your body, the gym is also a fantastic place to meet your potential clients for a fast workout and business meeting to follow. This allows them to see you in a normal setting that they use frequently.

Having a personality that attracts the masses is not hard if you follow the tips mentioned above. Becoming more knowledgeable, increasing your sense of humor, and just going to your gym consistently will help you to develop into a male or female company owner with a huge magnetic personality.


Carrie Langstroth has a background in finance.  She was the Chief Financial Officer for one of the fastest growing property management and development companies in the country.   She retired from this career and has started pursuing other business interests.  She looked for a business that offered flexibility both in location and time. &nbs...

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