Google Combines Trends and Insights

Many SEO agencieswill have noticed on the 1st October 2012 that Google combined Insights and Trends, two of its most popular tools. Since 2008 the emergence of Insights has seen the tool become mainstay of keyword research. However, any user now looking to use Insights will be directed to Trends.

When combining the two tools, the search engine opted to stick with the Trends branding, while importing the dynamic range of data filtering functions from Insights. Google is hoping that the combination of features, along with the popularity of Trends, will create an even more popular application across its user base. Some of the key functions for the new Trends are:

  • Search segmentation – users can view trends from web, image, news and product searches;
  • Regional search – search trends can be viewed either globally or regionally;
  • Custom date range – trends can be viewed from 2004 up to present day;
  • Search categories – data can be narrowed down by subjects, including shopping, hobbies and travel;
  • Related terms – Google offers suggestions for similar terms worth considering;
  • Hot search – the trending search subjects in various global regions can be viewed;
  • Term comparison – multiple keyword trends can be added to a single table. This tool is especially useful when deciding which similar terms are best to use, such as ‘Doctor’ versus ‘GP’.
In the new version of Trends, Google has continued to use standardised traffic figures instead of actual volumes. In this system all traffic data is normalised into a scale between 0-100, with 100 representing the peak volume of searches, allowing keywords to be compared on the same graph with ease.

Since both tools were always similar, it seems to make sense that Google would combine the two. Further refinement of the offering is continuing to provide users with a dynamic range of tools to discover more about how the search engine is used, while offering a combined appeal to a wider audience of Google users.


Cassie is the editorial manager at Punch Communications, an innovative company creating integrated services traditionally offered separately by a public relations, social media agency, or SEO agency. She has in-depth editorial experience in diverse industries, including publishing, fundraising, recruitment, and real estate.

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