Blogging, Articles and Twitter - A Powerful Marketing Combination

Do you blog? Do you write articles? If you answered yes to either question, read on to find out about a powerful marketing combination to boost your business.

The missing key for many is Twitter. Do you know that you can have your articles at Evan Carmichael go directly to Twitter? AND you can have your WordPress blog posts go directly to Twitter? What does this mean to you? More exposure for you. If you have the Twitter Tools widget on your blog, you have a full circle viral marketing system in place because your articles will then come back to your blog.

The strategy for articles and blog posts automatically showing up on Twitter is to go to Twitter and tweet about them after they appear automatically. Talk about them, explain them, do whatever you can do in the 140 characters you have for a Twitter micro-blog post.

How do you accomplish this automatic Twitter posting? It's really quite easy.

  • Go to your profile manager in Evan Carmichael and put your Twitter username and password in the space provided. Your newly approved articles will now go to Twitter as micro blog posts.
  • Get the TwitterTools plugin for WordPress and install it. The only option you want turned off is to create a blog post from a tweet. Do have your blog posts sent to Twitter and do use the Twitter sidebar widget.
  • Write lots of articles and blog posts, go tweet about them and watch your presence grow.
There is no faster way to become the authority in your area of expertise than to combine this powerful threesome to drive traffic to your blog and articles.

Wouldn't you like to learn more about implementing this powerful strategy in your online business?


Cathy Perkins is The WordPress Wizard. She is an expert in WordPress blogs and social media, specializing in consulting, coaching, and training on WordPress blogs, social media and networking and blogging in general. Cathy was recently name one of the 25 Of The Most Powerful & Influential Women in Social Media 2009 after being named One of the 50 Most Influential Women On Social Media in 2008 by Immediate Influence. Her blog, The WordPress Wizard, is included in the prestigious Alltop - ma...

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