Advantages of Career Change

Sometimes, changing careers happen by choice and most of the time, you are not given an option. Either way, you need to be prepared when the time comes because in this ever fast changing world, you don’t know when this could happen to you. You can be laid-off or out of work for a few months or you can be unhappy and looking for something more out of your career. This could prove to be challenging yet what you don’t realize is that it could be a life-changing move, something that you never knew you needed.

Here are some of the few advantages in shifting careers:

1. Accepting the reality – there are things that happen no matter how we try to avoid them or prevent them from happening. Most of us don’t really see what is going on around us even when we feel that some things don’t feel right anymore. And what we don’t realize is that, when we fail to see and accept these things, we give ourselves more reasons to be unhappy and stressed out. Generally speaking, this could affect our physical and emotional well-being, whether we are experiencing this at work or in our personal relationships.

2. You are setting yourself free – perhaps it is time for you to do something else with your life, something worthwhile and meaningful. People who have stayed in the same company and are secure in their jobs are very lucky but for those who are just pulling themselves out of bed to go to work, and are not happy anymore, this could pose as a challenging task. We know people always dream of doing something aside from the task they perform in the office, well, now is the best time to do those things. Remember that you are only given one life, so do the things that will make you happy.

3. A cure –Stress is one of the reasons why people leave their jobs and this is due to a dysfunctional working environment, being underpaid, and morality issues. Stress is inevitable but we should be given an option to live free from it or at least a life that is balanced by self-fulfillment and a little stress.

4. Maximizing your full potential as a person –when you feel like your skills are not used and you are taken for granted perhaps it is time to shift to a career that has a high regard for them. Not being able to do what you’re good at is like living a life of lies and you need to free yourself from it. Live a life with purpose.

Shifting careers is not always scary as people describe it because you could always start a new life and create a new world that you have always dreamed of. You need to look at the positive side of life for you to appreciate a career change. Most of the time, it is the only change you need that can make your life worth living.


Cecile Peterkin, Founder and Senior Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Centre, provides career and life management services for middle managers and mid-career professionals across Canada, United States and Europe. Download your FREE copy of our Career Guidance E-Book at: Cosmic Coaching Centre .Leverage the mind-share of retiring Baby Boomers and senior manag...

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