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Yii, an acronym for ‘Yes, it is’ is a PHP framework suitable for 2.0 applications. . An open source web development framework, Yii is written in PHP 5 which is ideal for quick development. It offers streamlined application development and a maintainable extensible end product.

Features that speed up Yii’s performance are MVC, DAO/Active record,I18N/L10N, caching, authentication, scaffolding and testing. It has the ability to upload the required features and can be used effectively with AJAX. It’s even secure with features that include input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and cross-site scripting prevention. Searching for an efficient Yii Developers can be a critical task on your list.

Incorporation from other web programming frameworks:

Yii has absorbed several features from other web programming frameworks and applications. Prado gave biggest inspiration. Some of its features include: component and event driven programming paradigm, database abstraction layers, modular application architecture, internalization and localization.

Yii shows a preference to convention over configuration which is a salient feature of Ruby on Rails. It has also adopted its implementation of active design pattern for its ORM layer.

jQuery has been taken up by Yii and has been integrated as a basic Javascript framework.

It has incorporated jQuery’s filter design and plug in architecture and Joomla’s modular design and message translation.

Make a shift from Drupal to Yii:

If you have been using Drupal, you can consider shifting to a PHP framework which is faster and requires lesser number of layout files than Drupal.

Although it is convenient to start web applications with Drupal but the new PHP 5 framework allows you to choose a framework or start from the beginning with the help of PHP libraries. Yii gives you the advantage of using Ruby on Rails-like ORM and optimize just 10% queries which require handcoded MySQL.

Drupal is loaded with contributed modules which need to selected in order to be assimilated into custom modules. The generic modules require several functionality, some of which you may never use. It uses an image resizing extension which helps the conversion of ImageMagick and GD.

Drupal uses PHP 4 which suffers with backward compatibility. PHP frameworks are preferred if you are using PHP 5 OOP framework. Drupal 7 has advanced to PHP 5 framework.

Google and Microsoft have shown that most users prefer speed. Drupal 5 has proved itself to be faster than Drupal 6 though it has jQuery 1.0. You can upgrade to jQuery to 1.2 but that too is an old version.

Drupal 7 has API/content construction kit (CCK) which can pose a problem. You can lose your hair trying to optimize slow queries which can be made simpler if you switch to Yii.

Switching data to Yii will take as much time as would take to get out of CCK while staying on in Drupal. Yii Framework Development does not need extra tables as Drupal.

Drupal is known to be much slower than Yii. Drupal can be scaled if you cache with memcache and APC and rewrite the slow queries. Caching is useful if SEO friendly URL is rewritten for links. Drupal’s average page will have 50+ queries compared to 3-5 of Yii’s.


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