Home-based Business: Aromatherapy Candles-Procedure

Aromatherapy candles gave candles another meaning. Before, candles were perceived to be excellent in evoking exoticness, romance and reverence. Today, they are also used as a medium to cure minor disorders such as gloomy mood, cough, congested nose and more.

Many people who engage in home-based business recognize the income potential of aromatherapy. And why not, with a huge market, low-cost start up and easy procedure in making, you are sure to make well in business. Aromatherapy candles should be made from natural materials like wax, essential oils and coloring dye to make it more meaningful. Also, they are best placed in jar, although you can also make floating, pillar, votive, and taper candles for aromatherapy.

To start with the procedure, insert a wick into a wick tab, and use hot glue to stick the pre-wicked tab into the bottom of a jar. Use a straw to hold the wick upright. Ensure that the pre-wicked tab is centered for good burning of the candle. When the tab is securely stuck into the bottom, work on your wick. It should be upright and centered as well. Use a clothespin to hold the wick or tie the wick around a straw or wick holder. The wick holder or straw should rest horizontally on top of the jar.

Weigh the needed wax and melt it on a melting pot and bring it to its melting point. Natural waxes such as beeswax and bayberry have lower melting point than paraffin's. Beeswax's melting point is 147 degrees Fahrenheit while bayberry wax's is 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Soy wax melts at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to keep the temperature at its melting point lest it will have discoloration.

Pre-heat the jars at 150 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the ‘wet spots' once you pour the wax mixture into the jars. When your wax reaches its melting point, add your coloring dye. Stir gently before you add your essential oils. Stir it more gently and set aside to cool. Remove the pre-heated jars from the oven and gather them around in one place. Do an initial pour of your melted wax mixture into the jars. Never overfill them. Save 20% of your wax mixture for a second pour, but do not return it to heat. Let it cool for an hour. When you start seeing skin on top of the candles, insert some relief sticks and make holes into the candles around the wick. This should allow the air bubbles to release. Also, you will notice that the wax will shrink deeper into the jars.

Wait for four or six hours before you do a second pour. Fill in the holes and gap caused by poking sticks and shrinkage of the wax. But do not overfill the jars; just enough to cover the level of the first pour. Leave some clearance for the candles to melt when burning. It will take 6 hours or more before the aromatherapy candles will have a complete solidification. Slow cooling process provides the best results for jar candles.

Allow the aromatherapy jar candles to completely cool down. 12 hours or more would be the best. Trim the wick to about ¼ inches and prepare the candles for packing for your home-based business.


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