Home-based Business: How To Market Your Bayberry Wax

Bayberry candles for your home-based business should not be difficult to market. You have many reasons to sell them, and people have many reasons to buy them. But the question is, do they know you have them? Oh, maybe the more appropriate question is, why should they buy from you when there are many vendors selling the same candles?

Marketing strategies are powerful if you know how to use them. But not each one of them suits your needs. Also, in marketing, your campaign should not necessarily be expensive. If you are creative, more resourceful and know how to promote your product to a particular group, you should see yourself successful. It is important that you know which marketing strategies to use for a particular market, especially that your market is very wide.

There are different types of people who use candles for different reasons. Certain people use them when they have aromatic or therapeutic baths. Others use them for dinner. Some people use them for altars, and temples. Still, few use them simply to have aromatic or romantic setting for one hour every night, or to save on their electric bill. Candles are bought for presents as well, according to occasions. Hence, your candles must suit these purposes. Find a market for customizations of your bayberry candles. Contact corporate and multi-national companies for corporate items or executive gifts. Because this type of candle is not available all the time, its being limited makes it marketable. Berries, from where the wax is derived are borne once a year from autumn to spring. You have to know how they use their candles so you would know which candles to sell to them.

If you have been targeting local markets, perhaps it is time to promote your home-based business to other States and countries. For that, consider hosting a website where you can reach out virtually to everyone who has access to the internet. Upload photos of your best creations for every type of candle you have. Then include a short description on why your clients should buy this candle. Overall, you have to design your website in such a way that your clients understand and believe that they should buy from you. So, include in your website articles about your home-based business. The technology you use, wax types and more.

Plan for the pricing when you consider selling your bayberry candles abroad. Shipment is essential. Hence, you can either mark up the prices of your candles and handle the shipment fees or inform the clients that they have to pay for shipping costs. Start a good business relation with as many cargo or freight carriers as possible. Candles are a delicate item, thus

Payment is another consideration for your marketing system. To attract more clients, allow for flexible modes of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, Xoom, and PayPal among others. Parts of your marketing strategies are promos, discounts, sales during special occasions. You can also hold a booth in stores and display your beautiful bayberry candles. Trades, exhibits, flea markets, bazaars are also a good place to promote your home-based business.


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