Home-based Business Idea: Window cleaning

Window cleaning as a home-based business has a promising market as lifestyles have become busier for people to live. This statement holds particularly true to households that have two adults maintaining a respective career, and the increasing number of single mothers.

While maintaining a clean house is very important, most have chosen to defer window cleaning on the weekend. However, when weekend comes, the same people felt too tired or too busy to get the work done, that they are only willing to hire professional help.

Although the startup cost for home-based business in the nature of window cleaning is very minimal, it is still important to keep a business plan. Set a budget for your cleaning materials and supplies, for fuel cost and for business promotion.

For your cleaning materials and supplies, you will need buckets, rags, brushes, towels, bags, ladders and cleaning chemicals and detergents, as well as billing invoices, and receipts. Depending on your niche, you will also need to use safety equipment to reach out the cobwebs and stubborn dirt on window. Such equipment includes harness, sit boards, rope grabs, rigging equipment, and extension poles.

Unless you have previous experiences, you will need training on how to use the safety equipment. The International Window Cleaning Association Safety Certification Program provides training on window cleaning safety and equipment use like the rope descending systems and suspended scaffolds.

Having such certification enables your home-based business apart from the tough competition. You may also check at the local government to ascertain zoning license and business permits for home-based businesses. It is best if you secure all the legal requirements.

You should also have a van or truck, which bears the name and logo of your business, as you go from one client to another. If you plan to do the window cleaning as part time, you can allot your weekends and after-work schedule. Weekends and nights are an ideal time for you to clean the windows because there are no interruptions from employees.

Besides the households, you can also serve the commercial sectors and clean the windows of legal offices, retail stores, restaurants, day-care centers, schools, hospitals, clinics, offices and warehouses near your home.

Most clients are particular with insurance whether you work alone or with crew. Whichever is the case, it is to your advantage if you have a good comprehensive insurance. It protects your home-based business from financial risks in case of physical injury or property damage while cleaning the windows.

For your business promotion, you may consider printing business cards and flyers for dissemination. Never forget to include your contact information when you print your business name and logo on your van or tuck.

You can drop off one flyer to each household near your house, and make a follow-up call on them after a day or two. You can also distribute flyers at your target market like day-care centers, stores and offices.

If you clean windows in the evening and weekends on a part-time basis, such home-based business allows you to earn $900 a month.


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