Home-based Business Ideas for 2010 II

The concepts for home-based business are endless. As more people become busy with their lives, the same number of people is earning money rendering services that are once an integral part of our everyday life. Here are another five great ideas for home business.

1. Personal shopper. Being a personal shopper for someone means spending time at the malls or stores looking for and buying merchandises based on the specifications provided by your clients. It could be wardrobe, groceries, project materials, and school supplies for kids.

The market for personal shoppers is mostly career-oriented women and mothers who are only too willing to pay for someone's services to perform duties expected of them. There are also times when the items for purchase are presents.

The client may give specifications on the particular item or may just provide specifications of the recipient and it is up to you to choose what certain gift best fit the recipient's taste. In most cases, the personal shopper earns 10% premium for her services.

The other approach in earning profit is by charging the client with hourly rate, which ranges from $45 to $75. However, at times, this is impractical especially if the client may only request you to purchase something that is worth less than a hundred.

2. Concierge business. Another concept for home-based business that has a sure market is providing concierge services to people such as the elites, corporate executives and celebrities who need professional assistance in organizing and managing their schedule.

If you are apt for running errands for someone else, you may be asked to do services such as setting appointments, preparing travel arrangements, preparing a dinner party, organizing meetings, conferences and corporate events. It could also be as simple and lowly as paying for utility bills and sending a mail package.

3. Children's Transportation Service. If you have the skills and desire to be on the road, you can convert such traits into profits. Many parents today rely on private mobile services to take their children to and fetch them from schools or daycare, and even from camping sites or after-school activities.

To be successful in this home-based business, you need to be specific with the type of clients you want to serve and the availability of your services. The niches are flexible and include normal children, special children, and teens.

If you prefer to serve special children, you may need a customized vehicle to accommodate wheel chairs.

4. Senior Transportation Services. There are senior citizens who take a private bus in going to places of their appointments. Others who can afford more convenient transportation hire limousine. Still, others who are in the middle prefer the private vans and cars in taking them to and picking them up from parties, beauty salons and health gyms.

5. Dog Breeder. If you are an enthusiast of dogs, you can convert such devotion into money-making home-based business. For a start, you can breed two dogs of one breeding in your yard. However, you may need to secure permits and license both for your home business and animals.

Two weeks before the litters are delivered, you can start your marketing program to allow clients time to accumulate money for deposit.


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