Home-based Business Opportunity: Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles have been in existence sine the 14th century. At the present, it is among the most sellable home-based business candles. Favored for its natural aroma of honey, beeswax is derived from beehives.

According to the experts, one pound of beeswax is made by producing 8 and a half pounds of honey by the bees from the lower part of their abdomen. And in order to make a pound of honey, honeybees need to visit 2 million flowers.

There are three distinct characteristics of beeswaxes making them an ideal and lucrative candle. First, it is longer lasting. Just an inch of its diameter, a beeswax candle can burn for an hour. Hence, it is very economical.

Second, beeswax candles burn cleanly. This means to say that it does not emit black soot so common in paraffin wax candles. The American Lung Association stated that burning paraffin candles give off toxins like benzene, lead and mercury.

Third, because it is derived from beehives, candles made out of beeswax smell naturally of honey, a pleasant fragrance that does not need enhancement. When this becomes your niche for home-based business, you have the option of not adding fragrant oils.

In purchasing the materials, beeswaxes can come in different forms: solid blocks or bricks in approximately between 1 and 2 pounds, pastilles or pellets, and pre-made and pre-rolled sheets in approximately 8" x 16".

And like any other waxes, beeswax can be mold into different shapes, sizes, color, and styles. You can prepare pillar candles, tapered candles and filled candles. Although, among the candles, this is the easiest and safest to make that even your children can participate, it is still best to take a crash course on this.

Your mentor will teach you how to melt beeswax, when to add fragrant oils and coloring dyes. The melting point for this wax is at 147 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, in making floating candles or jar candles, bubbles can be inevitable. But with your mentor's guidance, you will know how to avoid them.

If crash courses are not your type, then you can download e-books or buy publications especially discussing beeswax candles. There are also videos uploaded on the web demonstrating the process of making candles.

The wax from bees can be expensive. Thus, your home business can benefit well if you know a supplier that sells at lower prices. Besides the wax, you may also need to have a supplier for wick, jars, fragrant oils, coloring dyes and other paraphernalia and accessories.

Having a business tax identification number entitles you to perks like discounts when you buy materials for your business. Making candles is a craft. By designing and styling your candles, your creativity skill is honed.

Your mind is also relaxed as making candles, like any artful endeavor can relieve stress. There is a huge market for candles, especially the ones made from beeswax because people today become more conscious about their health.

As your home-based business, beeswax candles can be sold online, at the shops and to your friends and family. You also have the option of setting up a small booth for them during trade shows, exhibits, bazaars or simply inside a mall.


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