Home-based business: Graphic Design

Graphic design business is growing among entrepreneurs who seek home-based business. Graphic designers execute visual designs for their customers to communicate to a targeted audience.

Skills are required on this industry as there is a need to use photos, illustrations, animation, and color to create images for print and electronic media. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in United States of America listed graphic design on top 10 in home business.

To get started, you need to setup your home studio. This is where you shall work on your graphics for your clients. Besides office table and chair, you may have to invest in a heavy-duty personal computer, and a large printer for business capable of printing a tabloid-size or life-size document.

You may also need graphic software that allows you to customize programs for layout, logos, illustration, image editing, web graphics and animation. For many home-based business owners specializing in graphic design, a related education or training may help them enhance their skills.

In fact, most of them started working out in a company for quite some time until they have a full grasp of what graphic designing is all about, before they decided to have a part-time job working at home for different clients.

Now, that your home studio is ready, it is time to work on your portfolio. A portfolio is where you showcase your talents in graphic design. It is among your strongest tool in impressing potential clients and eventually close a business deal with them.

If you have previously worked in a graphic design company, you may use the best of your artworks to constitute your portfolio. Print them on the same paper used for clients when they ordered for them. They may be expensive, but they are all worth it when you use them in your presentation.

Organize them according to their category such as logos, brochures, print ads, web banners, web page design and etc. You can also save your artworks on a compact disc or on your hard drive.

Whenever your clients may request for your previous artworks, you may send the file via e-mail. For best results, you may buy a domain on the web and create your own website, where you publish all of your skills in graphic design.

If you are not confident in building a website, you can start with buying affordable templates, pay for an exclusive domain ownership and upload on a website browser. Your home-based business will do best with an optimized website.

Engaging in offline marketing for your home business is a rewarding effort as well. Business cards and mailer post cards may be the most common. But their impact is never obsolete.

Make your business card simple and attractive. Make certain that it contains your complete name, contact details such as e-mail and website if there is. You should also include the specialty of your home-based business.

Specify which area in graphic design you have a knack on. Post cards with your contact details and graphic artworks sent to prospects are also memorable than the one marketed through e-mail.


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