Internet Marketing: Copywriting

Internet marketing is the process of marketing your products and services using the internet. Its importance increases as the internet becomes more valuable to people’s lives. Among the several strategies for internet marketing is copywriting.

Copywriting is the writing of text or copy specifically to promote a product, service or opinion. The purpose of the copy is to incite readers to take an immediate action, which is to buy. The services of copywriting include writing contents for websites, brochures and writing sales letters.

Website copywriting becomes increasingly popular as more entrepreneurs engage in online business. Most website owners are not writers themselves. Even if they are, they do not have enough time to write web contents.

If you are new to internet marketing, you may need the help of a professional copywriter to work on the “About Us”, “Contact Us” and “Frequently Asked Questions” sections on your website. You may also need to have web content articles that focus on the benefits of your products and services.

Even the short descriptions about your website, products and services are important aspects of your marketing. They are written and published not only to incite visitors to purchase, but to educate them as well.

There are also business enterprises that employ the services of copywriters to produce brochures. The industries in real estate, hospitals, and community colleges recognize the need to publish brochures on the web or on print. The healthcare industry may also need copywriting services to educate the public.

In terms of sales letters, there are instances in which the letters are written by the business owners. But in most cases, the copies are written by professional copywriters. Even newsletters, whether published on the web or on the print could be a work of a professional copywriter.

The world is indeed round, and that includes the virtual version. Today, there is a job intended for copywriters in almost anything imaginable. On the internet, online copywriting is most often used as an internet marketing tactic.

It gears toward closing the letter with a sale or subscription of a newsletter. Website content articles of good quality contain engaging information, written in a conversational and professional style. The paragraphs must be short, and the sentences are straightforward.

As mentioned earlier, website copywriting persuades the readers about the benefits of the products and services offered. It provides reasons why you should buy such products, and such reasons are backed by evidence.

Web copywriting is more than a document containing texts and images. There should be creativity on every copy so readers do not get bored reading it. The persuasion must be done by a professional copywriter because it carries the heavy responsibility of creating positive response from the readers, which should start from the introduction of the copy.

Some experts recommend using the Johnson Box technique in writing the headline of your copy, particularly if it is for internet marketing. This technique is proven to be effective and is used in sales copywriting. Studies have shown that most readers only read the Johnson box headline.


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