Is There A Secret to Success?

I hear people telling me all the time that they want to succeed, and they go out and search for the secret. They think that if they learn the secret they can become successful. I really hate to tell you this but NO there are no secrets to success!

But you can have success!

I watch people buying products and joining all these different opportunities that claim to bring them success. They buy into this program, then after a few days or so when nothing happens, it is time to move on, without really even understanding what it was that they were offering you in the first place. Then you go onto the next get rich venture, oh they promised you the secret too! Only to once again leave that one behind as well. Are you seeing the pattern here? Are you familiar with anything I am telling you here?

Most people think someone else has this secret and can make it happen for them. They actually believe that someone can help them be a success with out doing anything. I can tell you here that you can find success, but you will have to find the tools to help you do so.

Another big aspect is in your mindset!

Do you believe you can have success?

Are you coach able?

Do you have a burning desire?

Is now your time?

I am a firm believer of using your subconscious mind to attract success. You are the captain of your subconscious mind and the master of your own fate. Remember you have the right to choose, so choose success. Whatever the conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and help bring to you.

Whatever you want, you can draw forth using positive affirmations throughout the day. Within your subconscious mind lies the wisdom, power and supply that is necessary, which you can develop through the powerful affirmations you use. Change your mind by drenching it with positive affirmations to change your life.

Speak to your subconscious mind with authority and conviction and it will obey to the command. The success of these strategies lies in believing that your success has already been achieved in you mind. If you believe you have received, you shall receive.

You can build success by the thought you think. When you are in a relaxed calm sleepy state, first thing in the morning or before falling asleep at night, repeat these over and over again as a lullaby for about 5 to 10 minutes. I can do all things through the power of my own subconscious mind.

To affirm is to state that it is so and to retain in your mind this is true. Keep affirming for success until you reach your goals.

If you just start by doing something, just taking some action and actually doing it. That's it, quit searching for the secret to success and do something, anything.

Remember, you don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Chery Schmidt is an Internet Marketing Coach & Home Business Mentor

Specializing in helping others succeed online.

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