Why A Squeeze Page?

Why A Squeeze Page?

Do you know what a squeeze page is? What it is for? Why you need this? And what to put in it? I am going to give you the answers here to these questions.

First off your squeeze page is the most important part of your business, oh besides your mindset, of course. This is a single web page that you will capture the name and e-mail address for your auto responder to follow up on. Another name for this is your opt in page.

Start with an attention-grabbing title and key word rich text information on your page. Keep your content short, sweet and simple, you don't want them to click off right way, you want to catch their attention. Using bullet points is a great way to get you message out and keeps it looking clean.

I would suggest putting testimonies on this page. Give your 's or find someone who can tell their story about how your product or service has helped them. This is a very effective way to create interest or excitement. Remember you are just trying to get them to fill out the form so they are a targeted lead. This is the main reason for having this here in the first place.

If you are more advanced and know how to create a video or just to use audio, this is where you would put this information. Otherwise just make sure you add a picture relevant to what you are offering. Create something that is going to help solve the problem of those who are looking at your page.

You should always offer a high quality product at no cost. Everyone loves something for free. This will attract your visitors to click for more information and you get the names and therefore, creating your list of targeted people. This will also weed out those who are interested in what you are offering from those who aren't.

Having a squeeze page all set up and ready to go is great and essential, but without people visiting it, it's useless. There are so many ways out there for you to start driving free traffic. Online classified ads, article writing, forums, blogs, social networking sites, are all ways to get yourself started. I do have an article that I wrote on this subject right here on this site called 5 Free Traffic Strategies that I would recommend reading.

Just start doing one form of advertising at first, learn it and take action on a daily basis. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying them all, this is so easy to do. I am telling you this from my personal experience.

By driving traffic to your squeeze page opposed to your sales page you are now able to create a relationship with your list. Had you of sent them to your sales page first, and they may have just left and you wouldn't have gotten that name and e-mail address. So see this stuff works, this is a must for gathering up those targeted leads.

So go ahead and set up yours today.


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