Could You Increase Your Sales Watching a Guy Selling Cookware at a County Fair?

Even though there are big differences between selling products and selling a service when someone does a superior job selling there are lessons to be learned. When you watch a top producer selling anything there are tremendous lessons to be learned from the obvious to the subtle nuances.

At the end of each summer there’s a local county fair here in Iowa that’s one of the better ones in the nation. This year my husband and I went, and while there my husband purchased a collection of cookware for me that was so obscenely expensive many people have purchased cars for less. So, how did this guy selling cookware sell my husband on such an expensive totally impulsive and unnecessary sale? It wasn’t like I didn’t already have cookware, it wasn’t like we left for the fair that morning thinking we needed to find cookware, and it certainly wasn’t like either of us even knew cookware could cost that much. Read on and learn.

It had been a long morning at the fair when I noticed this guy had some kind of cooking demonstration going on that involved chairs for the audience, so we happened to sit down in his audience. One thing you noticed immediately beyond the fact the guy was just likable was he wasn’t just demonstrating his cookware he was actually teaching people about cooking, nutrition, and healthy eating. And he was doing it in a way that had the audience spell bound. This guy had a group of about 50 people completely focused on him, and what he was saying. Why? All ears and eyes were trained on him because he was providing added value beyond what they expected.

He disqualified non-buyers from the start, but he did so in a way that wasn’t insulting. He told the audience often, and with no shame that his cookware was very expensive. All throughout his demonstration he was preparing the future buyers and the non-buyers alike.

He focused on what he knew the people in his audience wanted. His focus was on fast, easy, and healthy cooking made simple in both preparation and cleanup. He had one of the future buyers sold within about 10 minutes of the start of his sales demonstration. In fact, this guy was so enthusiastic I thought he was a plant until I verified for myself he wasn’t.

He focused on the real decision maker. Few women would spend that kind of money on cookware without involving the husband, and this guy focused on selling the cookware to the husband and left it to the husband to close the wife. Nearly everyone in his audience was forty plus, and it’s at that point most people start to have a reality check about their health.

My husband is extremely health conscious, and evidently so were a lot of other people in the audience. Now of the fifty or so people in the audience about a dozen were kids. Many were couples, so there were probably about a dozen real decision makers at most. Yet at the end of his demonstration the cookware guy had sold three very expensive cookware collections. Perhaps you can take a lesson from the cookware guy to improve your sales success, and it may not hurt to get my free report on the 7 Secrets Top Producers know.


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