How 2 Beliefs Increase Sales

While the way you think and what you believe is important when it comes to your sales success the beliefs of your prospects matter too. There are two beliefs your prospect must have, or you’ll never increase your sales success. You must be able to recognize the presence or absence of these beliefs quickly.

Why quickly? You want to recognize these beliefs quickly because they indicate the stage of buyer readiness the person you’re speaking with is in. The quicker you recognize where the other person is in their beliefs the quicker you can properly take care of this person and increase sales.

Before you can have a legitimate sales conversation the person you’re speaking with must be willing to share their truth with you. That willingness is determined by their first belief. The first belief a real prospect must have is the belief they have a problem, challenge, or obstacle.

When a prospect believes they have an existing problem, challenge, or obstacle any mention of that problem grabs their attention. The prospect should already be thinking and talking about this problem. This problem should be something they’re looking for more information about.

The second belief a prospect must have is the belief that a solution exists, and that they want that solution. If the prospect is utterly frustrated by a problem, but past experience has led them to believe a solution does not exist then you’ll have the additional step of acknowledging there wasn’t a solution previously yet now there is. Many prospects know they have a problem; however, they aren’t motivated to solve that problem.

A prospect who isn’t motivated to solve the problem they already know they have is a future buyer not a ready buyer. They aren’t a ready buyer now, but through on-going contact they will be a buyer ready to take action. You don’t want to lose these prospects, but you don’t want to have an appointment with them either.

Center your focus on the prospects who recognize they have a problem, and who want to solve that problem now. You’ll find it’s much easier to get appointments with these prospects, and much easier to increase sales because these prospects already want to buy they’re just looking for the best option.


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