How to Use Inspiration or Desperation to Sell More

While inspiration is a whole lot more fun than desperation they share something in common. Inspiration and desperation are both forms of motivation. Inspiration is positive motivation and desperation is negative motivation.

Be glad whether you’re inspired or desperate because you can’t increase your sales unless you have the motivation to do so. Lack of motivation is the reason so many salespeople settle for wherever they are and whatever results they get. The unmotivated will have moments when they’re determined to make improvements, yet those moments don’t last.

They don’t last because if you want different results you’ll have to do something different than you are now. And it’s so much easier to keep doing the same old comfortable things than it is to make positive changes. Few have the commitment and persistence to make those changes.

Whether you’re inspired or desperate it isn’t that you’re doing everything wrong, or that you have to change everything you’re doing. You simply have to do what you’re doing well even better. And you need to pinpoint where the challenges you face start.

Here’s a simple example. When you have trouble closing, if you’re like most people, you attribute your challenge to what you say at the end of your sales conversation. You may not be handling this part of the conversation as well as you could. Yet, in most cases your closing challenges start with the way you make that first connection and what you communicate at that point.

While you can make improvements to what you say and how you say it at the end of the sales conversation the challenge doesn’t go away. However, if you change the way you make a connection with the prospect and what you communicate to the prospect when you make that connection you could eliminate closing challenges. Whether you realize it or not you’re establishing a perception at that first point of connection and then either reinforcing or confusing that perception in subsequent steps.

Use your motivation to take the persistent steps you need to take to overcome your challenges. Use your motivation to work through those frustrating times when things aren’t improving, and you know you need to do something else. Use your motivation to get the help you need to get the results you want.


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