12 Steps Toward Greater Career and Life Fulfillment

Clients are always asking us the “secrets” to life/career success and fulfillment. You’ve heard of David Letterman’s Top Ten – here is Cheryl’s Top Twelve steps toward greater fulfillment in your career and your life:

* Step 1. Face the facts.

* Step 2. Establish clear priorities.

* Step 3. Develop and practice good time management.

* Step 4. Implement healthy lifestyle practices.

* Step 5. Live beneath your means.

* Step 6. Don't let technology control your life.

* Step 7. Care about character - and conduct yourself accordingly.

* Step 8. "Just say no".

* Step 9. Stay emotionally healthy.

* Step 10. Embrace your talents as a "high calling."

* Step 11. Be generous with your time and money.

* Step 12. Pace yourself for a marathon.


Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed.D., RCC is a leadership development specialist. She inspires individuals and organizations to reach their aspirations using the right tools at the right time! Her latest book, The Leadership Energy: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, is an Amazon best seller in the leadership energy category. You will find additional tools and resources to expand your success by visiting TheLeadershipEnergy.com

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