Avoid Confrontation And Controversy When Selling

I was at a Stater Brothers supermarket one night last year. My wife and I were there to do our grocery shopping after dinner because of a couple reasons...

1. It's a lot cooler (beating the heat)

2. There's less people running around in the store

So, we get it done quicker and in more comfort!

We'd just finished our dinner and we went there and were at the meat counter buying some meat (for the vegans that get offended by this, sorry!).

The butcher came over to help us and the first thing out of his mouth was "Did the Chargers win or lose?"

For those that don't know, the Chargers are San Diego's football team.

The butcher had no way of knowing this, but I don't watch football. He was simply trying to be friendly, I guess.

I had to tell him that I didn't know, and then we had to get into a conversation about why I didn't know and why I didn't watch football. It almost like I was justifying my reasons to him and I was getting very uncomfortable.

Now granted, this is an encounter with the butcher and he probably has no idea of how to build rapport, how to make the client feel comfortable, you know, the things that you and I as sales professionals are keenly aware of, right? You see, Chris, the point I'm making is that you never know what will make a prospect or a client feel uncomfortable or turned off.

In our profession, we should keep some things to ourselves.

Now before I go into this, I'm not saying that either side of the debate is right or wrong, it's merely an example...

Let's say your personal opinion is "Pro-Life", and you believe so strongly that you even have a bumper sticker on your car proclaiming that you're pro- life.

Unbeknownst to you, your client is "Pro-Choice". You know better than to bring this controversial topic up in a sales presentation or a client visit. But as you're leaving and your client walks you to the door to see you off, he sees the bumper sticker on your car...

I'll leave the rest of the scenario to your imagination.


Christopher K. Randolph
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Sales Trainer & Coach, Speaker

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Having spent 6 years as a military officer, Chris Randolph was ingrained with the basic building blocks of management & leadership. Overcoming the challenges in successfully motivating individuals from different backgrounds for a common cause, Chris realized that this was one of his natural talents.

In the last 19 years, Chris has applied himself to the study and pr...

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