Have A Plan Before Proposing Telecommuting To Your Boss

Everyday people think about how great it would be to work in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace instead of commuting to work. For mothers, how they wish to have the option to work at home to spend more time taking care of the family. For people who feel that their personal lives are out of balance due to their hectic working schedule or simply sick of the grind, telecommuting is seen as the answer and the only option in their desire to work at home.

Proposing an off-site arrangement at work is actually possible with your boss, but there are a lot of factors that need to be considered for somebody to be given the chance to telecommute. Before giving the telecommuting proposal, make sure in your heart that you are a good candidate for telecommuting. Often, bosses approve such proposals only to employees who have already proven their worth in the company, shown the right work disciplines and have served the company well for quite some time.

All successful telecommuting proposals take a great deal planning. Once you have finalized all your terms, it's time to give your boss the big news. Here are some of the strategies that you can use when planning and presenting a proposal:

• It would be best to give both a written proposal with an oral presentation. This way, your telecommuting proposal becomes comprehensive. The presentation means to enlighten your boss about certain things that are included in your proposal, enabling him to absorb some important points about your proposal, giving him the opportunity to raise questions as well as objections.

• When doing a proposal, make sure that you focus more on how your proposal benefits your employer and not yourself. Never focus on how well it would serve your needs. Avoid mentioning your need for more time with the kids or any other personal reasons; discussions must only revolve around the job. Your proposal must be telling something about how it can help you become more efficient and productive, and how well it would benefit your employers and the company that you are working for.

• Telecommuting proposals are the best time to brag about your work accomplishments. Touting your value to the company as well as your traits as a great worker may help you get an approval.

• Propose a trial period during which your bosses will determine whether or not you are more efficient doing telework. It also gives your bosses an easy way out of the deal. Just make sure that you perform well during this period for it will make or break your chances of becoming a telecommuter.

• Present accountability measures. Employers are mostly anxious about telecommuting because of fear that you become unproductive when no one is watching over you at work. Lay out a work outline and schedule when he can check on you from time to time. Make sure that your boss knows that you are reachable and flexible; give him or her your phone, fax, pager, cell-phone numbers and e-mail addresses to convince them that you have all the necessary work equipment installed at home.

When giving your proposal, be sure that you are prepared to answer questions. Expect that your bosses will be looking out for reasons why not to approve your proposal. Using these tips can help you convince them to do otherwise.


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