Learn How Old Fashioned Networking Can Grow Your Home Business

Networking has been around a lot longer than the internet has. Could you imagine how difficult and different it was 20 years ago when people needed to get the word out about their home based business? Now there are many people who think the only way to network and promote their business is via the internet.

Let us take a step back and see the different ways you can get this networking accomplished without having internet access and you will see that sometimes the old fashioned way is still something you can use.

People do not live on the internet. Some don't even have computers. They are the people who still consider conferences as being in the same room sitting around a table, receiving paper invitations to social events and meeting people on the street as they round a corner.

These people could still be potential clients for your business. Most people you meet will at some point in the conversation ask "What do you do for a living?" Here lays the golden egg to gain free publicity.

Engaging in face to face contact with potential clientele is an easy way to promote a new product or service you have available. In order to do this and do it right you need to find where the people are. By looking around the areas your services or goods can be of use, you can find some very good locations to connect with people.

Attend a function in that neighbour-hood or join a business or networking group you might enjoy. There are also some other fantastic places to meet new contacts like restaurants, elevators or maybe at the bus stop.

Try walking around the center of your city or town and find where the non-profit organizations and community centers are. Who knows how many people you will find in these areas that may require your services or be willing to buy your product. Visit as many groups as you possibly can. Most groups will, at the very least, let you place a business card or flyer on their bulletin board.

Just like you did with community groups, attending the trade shows and conferences in your area will not only allow you to find great business contacts but you will find many potential clients. If possible teach a course or seminar on a topic that either relates to your home business or something else you have abundant knowledge of.

By giving a lasting impression with your wealth of knowledge in your particular niche or your kindness and demeanour you can expect this information to soon be forwarded to someone else.

If people view you as a knowledgeable person who is willing to help and share what you know with others, they are more likely to lean to you for ideas and assistance when the time comes. Make sure you keep your name and business within eyesight for them to use in the future, either by pamphlet or business card.

This of course means you should have a steady supply of business cards or literature such as pamphlets with you anywhere you may go. Be certain that your website URL and email address are visible and that you include a telephone number where you can be reached if need be.

Always having clear and concise information will help make your search for clientele that much easier.


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