Make Money From Home Typing Term Papers For College Students

We all want to learn how to make more money from home. With the economy the way it is today, extra money has taken on a new meaning for many people. One way you can make money from home is by typing term papers for college students.

Why a College Student?

You may be thinking why would a college student hire you to type a term paper? The answer to that question is simple: college students spend an extreme amount of time researching these papers and writing the rough draft. These are not small book reports; many times, there are several pages to a term paper. While doing all that research they can fall behind in other classes and be scrambling to catch up. This is where a typing service becomes a lifesaver.

How to Get Started?

If you have a knack for typing and some free time, typing term papers for college students may be the part time job you are looking for. To get started you will need to advertise your skills.

You can advertise your skills in one of three ways: local newspaper, flyers on campus and online. Thanks to the internet, you are no longer limited to the customers in your hometown. You can even make up your own flyers and have them inserted in your local newspaper; each may vary on price and process so be sure to call ahead.

Setting up Your Business

It is important that you be set up correctly before taking any clients. You will need:

- An up to date word processing program

- A printer

- Printer ink

- High Speed internet if you plan to offer services online

- A schedule. It is very important to know how much time you have to devote to projects before they come in.

- Style handbook. Most college level courses require MLA style, but there are others such as APA

This will get you started and as you progress, you will probably need to add other handbooks to your collection; however that can be done on an as needed basis.

Know Your Limits

While this is a great niche to target, think about how you will answer some tough questions that might come your way. What if a student wants you to do the work and actually write the paper for them? What if you are presented with someone else's paper and asked to just rewrite what's there?

You might be lucky and never will be faced with an ethical question like this but it is best to know ahead of time what your answers will be. Even if you are desperate for clients and money, doing something unethical is not worth the risk and will tarnish your reputation.

You are all set to begin your home business! Be diligent to complete assignments on time and in the manner the client expects. Ask lots of questions up front about the style and formatting your client wants. Consider taking half the payment upfront and half upon delivery. Your best advertisement will come by word of mouth as one satisfied customer after another talks about your work.


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